World Wrestling Medicine Conference

World Wrestling Medicine Conference

United World Wrestling is pleased to announce the holding of the World Wrestling Medicine Conference & Wrestling Team Physician Course in Budapest on 24-26 October 2019 prior to the U23 World Championship. This event is being organized by UWW Medical and Anti-Doping Commission with the support of the Hungarian Wrestling Federation and the University of Physical Education of Budapest.

It will consist of a 1.5 day scientific conference and a 1.5 day wrestling medicine training course at the University of Physical Education of Budapest: 

  • The conference will include a number of key lectures by international expert scientists and sports medicine specialists from the International Olympic Committee, the European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians, the Faculty of Physical Education of the University of Budapest and UWW Medical and Anti-doping commission.
  • The conference will also include podium presentations of free selected papers related to wrestling medical sciences
  • The educational course will include programmed lectures on fundamentals of wrestling medicine, medical coverage of wrestling competitions, prevention of wrestling injuries and doping control in wrestling, given by the UWW Medical Commission specialist, selected faculty members and invited speakers.

Key topics will include:

  • Understanding common injuries in wrestling
  • General Injury management strategies
  • Principles of injury prevention in wrestling
  • Reviewing common sport-specific diseases in wrestlers
  • Hygiene - preventing and treating skin infections
  • Overtraining & fatigue syndrome in wrestlers, early diagnosis & treatment
  • Psychological harms in wrestling
  • Prevention of harassment and abuse in Sports
  • Fight against doping
  • Nutrition




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The 2019 UWW World Wrestling Medicine Conference calls for abstract submission. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 30 August 2019.

Invited abstracts will be considered for the podium presentation. The Conference is focused on wrestling medicine, and we encourage abstracts to be submitted within all medical fields related to wrestling and wrestlers health. This includes studies on epidemiology, risk factors, injury prevention, injury mechanisms, pathophysiology, wrestling specific medical conditions, intervention studies, healthcare monitoring, relevant biomechanical studies, studies on sports behavior and attitudes, nutrition and anti-doping.

Rules and form for abstract submission:



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