World Belt Wrestling Committee

Sultanbekova Cholpon Kyrgyzstan President



Tasks and duties

  • Preservation of various styles of belt wrestling all over the world
  • Consolidation of federations developing the styles of belt wrestling
  • Assurance that the values of sportsmanship are respected in all circumstances.
  • Unification of belt wrestling competition rules suitable to all belt wrestling styles
  • Making of the single system for belt wrestling competitions and having a mutual calendar under the United World Wrestling aegis
  • Supervision of holding international competitions entered in United World Wrestling calendar and see to it that the United World Wrestling regulations and requirements are complied with.
  • Advancement of belt wrestling in the World complex events as United World Wrestling's discipline
  • Information support for national sport communities developing belt wrestling styles
  • Using United World Wrestling's experience and facilit! ies in order to train and improve technical capabilities of belt wrestling referees, coaches and athletes.
  • Setting a criteria for the estimation of sport achievements in the belt wrestling
  • Support of international print editions propagandizing belt wrestling
  • Development of a conception for creating an academy of belt wrestling