2019 European Grappling Championship


Bucharest, Romania (April 6th) –After an action-filled first day of No-Gi Grappling yesterday, the athletes put on the Gi and tied their belts for action in Grappling. Day 2 was just as good, athletes showcased their adaptability and utilized the Gi to the fullest to tangle up their opponents with sweeps from the guard and chokes from all positions and every angle.

Men’s Grappling

World silver medalist in 2018 and veteran of the 62KG division, Dmytro BARANOV (UKR) came better prepared than ever to this year's European edition. BARANOV (UKR) won 3 matches on his way to the final including a redemption match against France’s Anthony DE OLIVEIRA who defeated him in the final of No-GI yesterday. In the finals against Akhmed Zulpukarovitch MAGOMEDOV (RUS), his veteran's experience proved the difference, winning the match 5-5 ( criteria).

Khachbar KHACHILAEV (RUS) aggression and takedown oriented game were too much for his opponents over the course of both days. At +100KG this explosive athlete was all over his opponents winning gold in both styles. In the final of Grappling, Abdel Hakim DJABALI (FRA) was a game opponent but fell short 5-2.

Women’s Grappling

One gold medal was not enough for Svitlana SKRYPNYK (UKR). After winning big yesterday she followed up with an equally impressive performance in the Gi. Taking on 4 opponents on her way to the finals, SKRYPNYK (UKR) defeated all including the bronze medal winner in No-Gi Anzhelika PEKH (RUS). In the finals match  Polina KRUPSKAIA (RUS) proved to be her toughest test of the day. After an early back take to score 4 points, SKRYPNKY (UKR) was forced to make use of her skilled guard retention to hold off the surging Russian. The 4 points was just enough for the win and with it the title 53KG.

Grappling Team Results:
1.) Russia
2.) Ukraine
3.) Poland

Next up for Grappling and Grappling No-GI will be the Pan-American Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina on  April 15th and 16th. Make sure to catch it all on United World Wrestling.


Grappling, No-Gi Grappling

2019 European No-GI Grappling Championship


Bucharest, Romania (April 5th) – For Grappling fans and competitors the European Championship is one of the most looked forward to events of the year. With all major European teams having the event circled on their calendar, the athletes show up in top shape to try and claim this year's title. This year proved to be one of the best championships yet with many thrilling matches, big throws, and slick submissions. After 4 years under the new ruleset, teams and competitors had been able to fully prepare for the event and it showed in the matches!

16 nations sent their teams in an effort to claim the 2019 European title. France sent a young and talented team but, fell just short of traditional powerhouse Russia on Day 1 in Men’s No-Gi. Russia secured the Men’s No-Gi Grappling by claiming 6 of 7 individual gold medals. Anthony DE OLIVEIRA (FRA) made sure that France did not leave without any gold by winning the 62KG title. He battled through a challenging bracket before meeting Dmytro Baranov (UKR) in the final. After a feeling out period on the feet DE OLIVEIRA (FRA) shot in a for a single leg takedown before jumping on the back. In the following scramble DE OLIVEIRA (FRA) locked in a nasty triangle choke and forced the tap.

Men’s No-Gi Team Result:
1.) Russia- 190 points
2.) France- 98 points
3.) Ukraine- 73 points
4.) Poland- 71points
5.) Romania- 44 points

In Women’s No-Gi Action all eyes were on the race between Russia and Ukraine for team gold. It proved to come down to the wire with Russia winning with 90 team points to Ukraine's 85 points. In the contest for the team bronze medal, Italy just edged out Poland by 2 points for the title. France’s team finished in 5th place, showing that they ready to go neck in neck with the best of Europe in the near future.

Svitlana SKRYPNYK (UKR) won 1 of 2 Gold medals in Women’s No-Gi for Ukraine. She made it to the finals of 53KG by beating home town favorite Madalina LINGURARU (ROU) in the Semifinal. The finals match against Oxana MOSKALENKO (RUS), she showed off her takedowns and guard passing to score 12 unanswered points, the exclamation point came when she pressured her way into the mount position in the final moments of the match. 

Women’s No-Gi Team Result:
1.) Russia- 90 Points
2.) Ukraine- 85 Points
3.) Italy- 60 Points
4.) Poland- 58 Points
5.) France- 53 Points

The action picks up again today with Gi Grappling. Catch all the matches live on United World Wrestling, with Finals matches starting at the 6pm local time.