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Action-Packed Day One at Beach Wrestling Worlds

By Marc Berman

SARIGERME, Turkey (October 6th and 7th) --  The sun has set over the beach in Turkey as day one of the 2018 Beach Wrestling World Championships has come to an end. 

Qualification rounds took place for Cadet, Junior and Senior divisions today, setting the stage for tomorrow's thrilling finals matches.

With temperatures reaching 30 degree celsius defending champion Semen RADULOV (UKR) defeated Turkish opponents in both of his matches today at 70kg without being scored against. Tomorrow, Radulov will open the day with Vegard STROEM (NOR) in his first match and setting up a possible collision with Konstantine KHABALASHVILI (GEO) who also went undefeated today with just one point scored against him.

Jakob MAKARASHVILI (GEO) won three matches today in impressive fashion at 80kg and will take on teammate Jumber KVELASHVILI (GEO) in the semifinals. The other semifinal will be Vasyl MYKHAILOV (UKR) against Efe Sami UNAL (TUR). Unal fell to Mykhail in the group round in a tight match, 2-1.

The returning 90kg champion Muhammad INAM (PAK) picked up where he left off last year cruising past both his opponents and will now face Mihai Nicolae PALAGHIA (ROU) in his third qualifying match. Patrik PUESPOEKI (HUN) went 1-1 on the day but pulled of the upset of Chris BORG (NOR) 3-0 and takes on Borg’s fellow countryman John Harald Foss FJELDBU (NOR) in his 3rd group match on Sunday.

The heavyweight title just may stay in Turkey with Baki SAHIN (TUR) and Irfan METE (TUR) both making the semifinal. Sahin faces scrappy Niazi IMPIS (GRE) and Mete takes on Rares Daniel CHINTOAN (ROU) in the other semifinal. Chintoan was a force on day one going undefeated in three matches.

In women’s action, Kamila BARBOSA VITO DA SILVA (BRA) takes on Sevil ALIOGLU (TUR) while Maria Alexandra CIOCLEA (ROU) will face teammate Stefania Claudia PRICEPUTU (ROU) in the 50kg semifinals. Barbosa and Aliogl are lined up for an exciting match as both athletes were in top form on Saturday. The winner could be the 2018 gold medalist at 50kg.

Reigning 60kg champion Francesca INDELICATO (ITA) is a star in the making, looking to take home her second world title in as many years. Indelicato ran into some trouble against Camila FAMA TRISTAO (BRA) in a round 2 match up. Indelicato was down by one point late before scoring a takedown in the closing seconds of the match for the victory. First-timer Jeannie Agnes KESSLER (AUT) will look to stop Indelicato run of making it two-in-a-row in the semifinals.

All eyes are on team Norway at 70kg as countrywomen Charlotte SKAUEN (NOR) and Cesilie Hoeivik MAGNUSSEN (NOR) will face off in a semifinal match. The Norwegians were dominate all day with a 5-1 record with Skauen winning her three matches with no points scored against. She brings a physicality that has yet to be stopped this weekend. On the other side of the bracket Beatrice DUKOV OANCEA (ROU) and Adina Elena POPESCU (ROU) will face off.

Aikaterini Eirini PITSIAVA (GRE) is the last roadblock in the way of the heavyweight title going home with team Romania. Pitsiava had 3 matches today defeating two Turkish opponents and Adina Ionela IRIMIA (ROU), the youngest competitor in the women’s Seniors. If Irimia can win her semifinal match, we could see a rematch in the final.

Match by match results can be found here:

Day 2 will start 7am GMT tomorrow, watch the live stream on United World Wrestling


Beach wrestling

Georgia Shines in ‘Beach Wrestling World Series’; Qatar and 2020 Season on the Horizon

By United World Wrestling Press

VEVEY, Switzerland (October 11) -- The 2019 Beach Wrestling World Series concluded last month in Zagreb with several of the world’s top beach grapplers wrestling for gold and securing top billing in the overall rankings.

Led by enigmatic Olympic bronze medalist Dato MARSAGISHVILI (90kg), Georgia captured a whopping three out of a possible four top place finishes in men’s beach wrestling.

Marsagishvili, Levan KELEKHSASHVILI (70kg), and Davit KHUTSISHVILI (80kg) earned the top ranking in their respective weight categories by winning each event they entered. Each of the three wrestlers claimed three gold medals in three attempts and scored 50,000 points.

Oyan NAZARIANI (AZE) finished No.1 at +90kg. The heavyweight wrestler competed in all four events, winning three gold medals and one silver to finish with 58,000 points.

Despite a runner-up finish in the rankings Semen RADULOV (UKR) wow'ed fans across the world with his big throws (Photo: Kadir Caliskan)

Two Ukrainian women, Kateryna MASHKEVYCH (50kg) and Anna MAZURKEVYCH (70kg), finished No. 1 in their respective weight categories. Both Mashkevych and Mazurkevych earned a pair of gold medals, competing in Odessa and Zagreb and finished with 40,000 points.

Camila FAMA TRISTAO (BRA) earned the No.1 ranking in the women's competition at 60kg after winning two gold medals and a silver medal in the World Series. Her golds came in Rio and Zagreb.

Aikaterini PITSIAVA (GRE) won three golds in three attempts and finished No.1 at +70kg.

Many of the top finishers, including Georgia’s World Series champions, will be in Doha October 15-16 to compete at the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games.

The 2020 Beach Wrestling World Series will again consist of four stops, with dates and locations to be announced in the coming weeks. At a meeting last month in Nur-Sultan more than 30 national federations from across all continents attended an informational session to help answer questions about the growing style.

National federations or wrestlers interested in learning more details about the 2020 events are asked to reach out to [email protected]

2019 Beach Wresting World Series Results



1. Levan KELEKHSASHVILI (GEO) 50,000

2. Semen RADULOV (UKR) 42,000

3. Michael PETERS (USA) 19,500

4. Miljan DUKANOVIC (SRB) 17,400

5. Luka MALOBABIC (CRO) 15,000



1. Davit KHUTSISHVILI (GEO) 50,000

2. Georgios KOULOUCHIDIS (GRE) 42,800

3. Aleksandar NIKOLIC (SRB) 19,500

4. Timotej TRBULIN (SLO) 17,400

5. Ibrahim YUSUBOV (AZE) 16,000



1. Dato MARSAGISHVILI (GEO) 50,000

2. Christos SAMARTSIDIS (GRE) 34,500

3. Strahinja DERMANOVIC (SRB) 19,500

4. Domenik ANDREIC (CRO) 17,400

5. Murat OZKAN (TUR) 13,000



1. Oyan NAZARIANI (AZE) 58,000

2. Ioannis KARGIOTAKIS (GRE) 44,300

3. Mamuka KORDZAIA (GEO) 35,300

4. Sabolc HORVAT (SRB) 17,400

5. Dorde PESUT (SRB) 15,000





1. Kateryna MASHKEVYCH (UKR) 40,000


3. Kristal BETANZO (USA) 24,000

4. Kamila BARBOSA VITO DA SILVA (BRA) 18,000

5. Stefania PRICEPUTU (ROU) 10,000



1. Camila FAMA TRISTAO (BRA) 48,000

2. Valeriia SEMONKINA ZLATOVA (UKR) 34,000

3. Isabel RODRIGUES (POR) 31,100

4. Pia KOCBEK (SLO) 17,400

5. Georgiana FILIP (ROU) 10,000



1. Anna MAZURKEVYCH (UKR) 40,000

2. Sonia PEREIRA BRAZIO (POR) 34,000

3. Diana BETANZO (USA) 24,000

4. Sara TRBULIN (SLO) 17,400

5. Adina Elena POPESCU (ROU) 10,000



1. Aikaterini PITSIAVA (GRE) 50,000

2. Iryna PASICHNYK (UKR) 24,000

3. Aline DA SILVA FERREIRA (BRA) 10,000

4. Halyna KOVALSKA (UKR) 8,000

5. Aysegul OZBEGE (TUR) 8,000