Belau Wrestling Federation Hosts Leadership Program

By United World Wrestling Press

PALAU (June 26, 2020) -- The Belau Wrestling Federation (BWF), working in partnership with the Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC), Omekulel a Biblia er a Belau Church (OBBC) and other sports federations, organized and ran a youth sports and leadership program from June 12-20. 

Wrestling was one of three sports conducted at the camp, along with volleyball and basketball. Nineteen wrestlers participated.

The Belau Sports Leadership Camp was designed to develop each coach and athlete in leadership development and skill training towards a sustainable developmental strategy for their sport. A leadership principle was taught each day from John Maxwell’s book "Leading from the Lockers." The three leadership principles included positive attitude, value relationships, and problem solving. Participants were challenged to practice the leadership principle throughout the day. 

OBBC provided an orientation for the coaches on June 12-13. Pastor John ZIMMER provided the participants with background about the camp and the importance of reaching out to influence youth through sports. The goal was to influence the heart, to challenge the minds to look to God for help with life’s challenges. Wrestling had three junior coaches that were UWW certified in 2017 that included Skarlee RENGUUL, Jarvis BLESAM TARKONG and Uilau ILEBRANG TARKONG. Uilau, age 15, is the only female athlete and youngest coach in Palau.

The wrestling camp kicked off at Maris Stella Auditorium on June 15. The Island Jams Beach Wrestling Competition was held the following day at Long Island.

The camp focused on junior coaches that would lead and influence the young people of Palau with sports skill development, character and leadership development. There were approximately 15 participants, including boys and girls from ages 7 years old and up, most of them wanting to learn wrestling and improve on their wrestling skills. The focus was on skill development, drills, games, technique and wrestling. 

Pastor Zimmer visited the camp twice a day and talked about “attitude” which was the theme and focus on the first day. On the second and third days, the topics were “relationships” and “problem solving” respectively.

Island Jams Beach Wrestling Competition

The camp concluded on June 17 with the Island Jam Beach Wrestling Competition at Long Island for both boys and girls. At the end of the camp, leadership awards were presented to the kids that stood out with their leadership abilities. Participant and coaches were gifted with a copy of Maxwell’s book at the end of camp thanks to PNOC’s sponsorship.