Fan Guide: 2015 Freestyle World Cup

By Tim Foley

Who: Russia, Iran, United States, Cuba, Turkey, Belarus, Mongolia, Azerbaijan

What: The World Cup is a nation v. nation dual format tournament held annually since 1973. The 2015 World Cup is comprised of eight teams who finished in the top ten at last year’s World Championships in Tashkent.

Where: Los Angeles, CA and ONLINE at

When: Saturday, April 11 – Sunday, April 12

Coverage will be the center for all your Freestyle World Cup information. The Livestream links can be found at the top of the information page, where you can also find photo galleries, up-to-the-minute results, and archived videos of the action. Each day will also include two articles wrapping the action, a highlight film of the day’s best matches, and a Big Move of the Day which shows the most impressive technique of the event.

The LIVE action will be called by broadcaster Richard Immel. Folllow the action on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #WorldCupLA


Teams are broken into two groups of four nations. Each team faces three opponents and are given final standings at the end of the group round. The top-ranked team from each group then go on for gold, the second-ranked teams for bronze, the third-ranked teams for 5th place and the fourth-ranked teams wrestle for 7th place.

Each dual meet is first decided first by match score (who wins the best of the eight matches competed), but if tied 4-4 then a tiebreaker must be applied. The first tiebreaker is classification points (points awarded for method of victory) and the second is the number of technical points in the match (points scored in the match).