Iran League

Gadzhimagomedov, Karimi, Kurbanaliev Give Iran FS League Title to Bimeh

By Ali Feiz

GORGAN CITY, Iran - Using Russian and Iranian stars, Bimeh Razi Babol captured the 2018 Iran Freestyle League title, earning a 26-15 victory over Setaregan Sari in the final match in Gorgan city.

Sari's team opened up the finals with back-to-back wins from Nader HAJAGHANIA (IRI) and Mehran SHEIKHI (IRI) 57kg and 61kg respectively. After a 5-3 Hajaghania win at 57kg, Sheikhi (Sari) defeated three-time Asian champion and runner-up Behnam EHSANPOUR (IRI) (Bimeh), 5-2 at 61kg. 


Then, Asian champion (2016) Meysam NASIRI (IRI) downed Farzad AMOUZAD (IRI), 6-2, giving Bimeh their first team victory. Russia's 2016 world champion Magomed Kurbanaliev, who was one of the three Russian wrestlers on Bimeh, defeated YEGANEH JAFARI at 70kg by technical fall, 15-4, giving his squad their second victory in a row. 

In the fifth match, it was Hossein ELYASI (IRI) who kept Sari's hopes alive, beating Reza AFZALI, 6-4, breaking the two to two tie and giving Sari the 3-2 lead. 

Russia's 79kg Budapest world team member and 2018 world bronze medalist, Akhmed GADZHIMAGOMEDOV (RUS), demolished Fariborz BABAEI (IRI), 10-0, evening the bout up at three apiece. 

Alireza KARIMI (IRI), who won 2018 world bronze medal at 92kg, stepped on the mat at 86kg and earned a victory by fall against Masoud MADADI (IRI) to give Bimeh their fourth victory and the outright lead for the first time of the dual. 

Mohammad Javad EBRAHIMI (IRI) (Bimeh), the 2018 Asian champion, had an easy time against Sina GHOLAMI (IRI) (Sari) in the 92kg bout, defeated him 8-3. Then, 2018 European champion Vladislav BAITSAEV (RUS) secured the finals victory for Bimeh by winning over Iran's 2017 world team member, Amir MOHAMMADI, 6-0.

At heavyweight, former world junior champion Jaber SADEGHZADEH (IRI) (Sari) won the match against Abbas FOROUTAN (IRI) (Bimeh), 8-7, but it was useless for his side, and Bimeh Razi defeated Setaregan Sari 26-15 to capture 2018 Iran Freestyle League Title.

Meanwhile, the host team, Shahrsazi Golestan, beat Petroshimi Behshahr, 26-6 in the third-place bout. 

Final Match: Bimeh Razi Babol df. Setaregan Sari, 26-15 (6-4)
57kg- Nader HAJAGHANIA (Sari) df. Mehran REZAZADEH (Bimeh), 5-3
61 kg- Mehran SHEIKHI (Sari) df. Behnam EHSANPOUR (Bimeh), 5-2
65 kg- Meysam NASIRI (Bimeh) df. Farzad AMOUZAD (Sari), 6-2 
70 kg- Magomed KURBANALIEV (Bimeh) df. Mohammad Mehdi YEGANEH JAFARI (Sari) by TF, 15-4
74 kg- Hossein ELYASI (Sari) df. Reza AFZALI (Bimeh), 6-4
79 kg- Akhmed GADZHIMAGOMEDOV (Bimeh) df. Fariborz BABAEI (Sari) by TF, 10-0
86 kg- Alireza KARIMI (Bimeh) df. Masoud MADADI (Sari) by FALL
92 kg- Mohammad Javad EBRAHIMI (Bimeh) df. Sina GHOLAMI (Sari), 8-3
97 kg- Vladislav BAITSAEV(Bimeh) df. Amir MOHAMMADI (Sari), 6-0
125 kg- Jaber SADEGHZADEH (Sari) df. Abbas FOROUTAN (Bimeh), 8-7

Third Place Match: Shahrsazi Golestan df. Petroshimi Behshahr, 26-6 
57kg- Alireza HATAMI (Petroshimi) df. Pourya TORKAMAN (Golestan), 6-0
61 kg-  Mohammad RAMEZANPOUR (Petroshimi) df. Kheirollah GHAHREMANI (Golestan), 6-3
65 kg- Shayan HAMZEH (Petroshimi) df. Milad TAHMASEBIZADEH (Golestan), 5-1
70 kg- Hamidreza SARGOU (Golestan) df. Mojtaba AMOUZAD (Petrohimi), 2-1
74 kg-  Masoud KAMARVAND (Golestan) df. Hamed RASHIDI (Petroshimi), 4-2
79 kg- Mohammad Javad HAMIDI (Golestan) df. Mehrshad AKBARI (Petroshimi) by TF, 10-0
86 kg- Ahmad BAZRI (Petroshimi) df. Arash NAYERABADI (Golestan),5-1
92 kg- Esmaeil MAHMOUDI (Golestan) df. Ali MOJERLOU (Petroshimi) by FALL
97 kg- Hossein RAMEZANIAN (Golestan) df. Hamed TALEBI ZARRINKAMAR (Petroshimi) by forfeit
125 kg- Seyed Ahmad RASOULI (Golestan) df. Abazar ESLAMI (Petroshimi), 3-2

Semi finals:
Bimeh Razi Babol df. Petroshimi Behshar, 32-7

57kg- Mehran REZAZADEH (Bimeh) df. Alireza HATAMI (Petroshimi), 8-5
61 kg-Behnam EHSANPOUR (Bimeh) df. Mohammad RAMEZANPOUR (Petroshimi), 9-0
65 kg- Meysam NASIRI (Bimeh) df. Meysam HEYDARI (Petroshimi), 7-0
70 kg- Magomed KURBANALIEV (Bimeh) df. Mojtaba AMOUZAD (Petroshimi) by TF, 10-0
74 kg- Reza AFZALI (Bimeh) df. Hamed RASHIDI (Petroshimi), 4-3
79 kg- Akhmed GADZHIMAGOMEDOV (Bimeh) df. Mohammad ZAREI (Petroshimi)by TF, 11-0
86 kg- Alireza KARIMI (Bimeh) df. Ahmad BAZRI (Petroshimi), 6-5
92 kg- Mohammad Javad EBRAHIMI (Bimeh) df. Ali MOJERLOU (Petroshimi), 3-2
97 kg- Hamed TALEBI ZARRINKAMAR (Petroshimi) df. Vladislav BAITSAEV(Bimeh), 4-3
125 kg- Abbas FOROUTAN (Bimeh) df. Amir Reza AMIRI (Petroshimi) by FALL

Setaregan Sari df. Shahrsazi Golestan, 23-18
57kg- Nader HAJAGHANIA (Sari) df. Pourya Torkaman (Golestan) by FALL
61 kg- Mehran SHEIKHI (Sari) df. Mehdi ESHGHI (Golestan), 4-0
65 kg- Farzad AMOUZAD (Sari) df. Milad TAHMASEBIZADEH (Golestan), 4-1
70 kg- Hamidreza SARGOU (Golestan) df. Mohammad Mehdi YEGANEH JAFARI (Sari), 3-1
74 kg- Hossein ELYASI (Sari) df. Masoud KAMARVAND (Golestan), 6-4
79 kg- Mohammad Javad HAMIDI (Golestan) df. Fariborz BABAEI (Sari), 3-2
86 kg- Masoud MADADI (Sari) df. Seyed Ali MOUSAVI (Golestan), 5-4
92 kg- Esmaeil MAHMOUDI (Golestan) df. Sina GHOLAMI (Sari), 8-2
97 kg- Amir MOHAMMADI (Sari) df. Hossein RAMEZANIAN (Golestan), 7-1
125 kg- Seyed Ahmad RASOULI (Golestan) df. Jaber SADEGHZADEH (Sari) by forfeit.

Weekly FIVE!

Weekly FIVE! March 19, 2019

By Eric Olanowski

Discussing Russia winning the Freestyle World Cup on home soil and looking at theThor Masters results. Also looking at the upcoming U23 Asian Championships, "Hollywood wrestles Bollywood" and the European Championships. 

1. Russia Wins Freestyle World Cup on Home Soil  
The Russian Federation closed out the Freestyle World Cup with an impressive 9-1 win over Iran to claim their first team title since the 2011 Makhachkala World Cup. This was their seventh Freestyle World Cup title, but first in eight years. 

Overall, Russia went 4-0 on the weekend and compiled a combined individual record of 36-4 over their 40 matches. In addition to their finals win over Iran, they also picked up wins over Cuba (10-0), Japan (8-2), and Turkey (9-1). 

Meanwhile, in the third-place bout, the defending champion the United States edged Japan, 6-4. 

The pair traded blows and were tied three-all after the first six matches. Sohsuke TAKATANI (JPN) broke that tie after his 14-3 routing of Samuel Joseph BROOKS (USA), but three consecutive American wins from Hayden ZILLMER, Kyven Ross GADSON, and Anthony NELSON gave the Stars and Stripes the 6-4 advantage, and ultimately the third-place finish. 

Cuba finished fifth place after they defeated Mongolia, 6-4, and Georgia claimed seventh place after beating Turkey, 8-2.

GOLD - Russia df. Iran, 9-1
BRONZE - United States df. Japan, 6-4 
Fifth - Cuba df. Mongolia, 6-4
Seventh - Georgia df. Turkey, 8-2

2. U23 Asian Championships Starts Thursday 
The U23 Continental Championships train continues to roll this weekend and will make its stop in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, for the 2019 U23 Asian Championships

The four-day tournament begins on Thursday and will go through Sunday.


Thursday (March 21) 
9:30 - Medical examination and Weigh-in GR - 60,67,72,77,82,97,130kg
11:30 - Qualification rounds and repechage GR - 60,67,72,77,82,97,130kg
14:45 - Draw - GR - 55,63,87kg / WW - 55,59,72kg / FS – 61,92kg
17:30 - Opening Ceremony
18:00 - Finals GR – 60,67,72,77,82,97,130kg

Friday (March 22) 
9:30 - Medical examination and Weigh-in (GR - 55,63,87kg / WW - 55,59,72kg / FS – 61,92kg)
11:30 - Qualification rounds and repechages - GR - 55,63,87kg / WW - 55,59,72kg / FS – 61,92kg 

14:45 - Draw WW – 50,57,65,68kg / FS – 57,65,74,125kg
18: 00 - Finals GR - 55,63,87kg / WW - 55,59,72kg / FS – 61,92kg

Saturday (March 23) 
19:30 - Medical examination and Weigh-in - WW – 50,57,65,68kg / FS – 57,65,74,125kg
11:30 - Qualification rounds and repechages - WW – 50,57,65,68kg / FS – 57,65,74,125kg
14:45 - Draw WW – 53,62,76kg / FS – 70,79,86,97kg
18: 00 - Finals WW – 50,57,65,68kg / FS – 57,65,74,125kg

Sunday (March 24) 
9:30 - Medical examination and Weigh-in - WW – 53,62,76kg / FS – 70,79,86,97kg
11:30 - Qualifications rounds and repechage WW – 53,62,76kg / FS – 70,79,86,97kg 

18:00 - Finals WW – 53,62,76kg / FS – 70,79,86,97kg

Roland SCHWARZ was one of three German wretlers who won a gold medal at the 2019 Thor Masters last weekend. (Photo: Max Rose-Fyne)

3. Germany win Three Thor Masters Golds 
The Thor Masters, an all-Greco-Roman tournament, wrapped up last weekend in Nykobing Falster, Denmark, and Germany was the frontrunner, winning three of the ten gold medals. Denmark and Ukraine had a pair of gold medalists, while Finland, Norway, and Sweden each had a solo gold medalist. 



SILVER - Christoph KRAEMER (GER)     

BRONZE - Nasrullakh NASIBO (UKR)

SILVER - Ruslan  KUDRYNETS (UKR)      



GOLD - Raibek BISULTANOV (DEN)        
SILVER - Hannes WAGNER (GER)          


GOLD - Zakarias BERG (SWE)   
SILVER - Denis KUDLA (GER)    

GOLD - Matti KUOSMANEN (FIN)        

GOLD - Nikolai  KUCHMIY (UKR)          
SILVER - Eduard POPP (GER)   

4. "Hollywood wrestles Bollywood" Begins March 31 
Women's Wrestling stars from the United States and India will face off against each other on Sunday, March 31 in the 'Hollywood Wrestles Bollywood' at Los Angles' historic Wiltern Theater.

According to, "The dual will be apart of Beat the Streets Los Angeles’ 5th Annual Benefit and International Competition, which is a yearly fundraising and awareness event for the LA-based wrestling non-profit."

There will be eleven top-15 ranked wrestlers in action, with six of those being ranked in the top-5 of the latest world rankings. (The latest rankings can be found on 's homepage) 

Of the ten star-studded bouts, the most intriguing matchup comes at 53kg, where returning world runner-up and top-ranked Sarah HILDEBRANDT (USA) will take on No. 11 Vinesh VINESH (IND). 

This will be a rematch of last months Dan Kolov semifinals, where Vinesh stuck Hildebrant to put herself in the Ranking Series tournament finals. She ultimately fell to China's PANG Qianyu in the finals. 

The dual starts at 15:00 on March 31. 

United States vs. India 
50kg: No. 15 Whitney CONDER vs. Sheetal TOMAR 
53kg: No. 1 Sarah HILDEBRANDT vs. No. 11 Vinesh VINESH
55kg: No. 6 Jacarra WINCHESTER vs. Pinki PINKI
57kg: Jenna BURKERT vs. No. 6 Pooja DHANDA
59kg: Alli RAGAN vs. No. 4 Sarita SARITA
62kg: No. 5 Mallory VELTE vs. Sakshi MALIK  
65kg: No. 2 Forrest MOLINARI vs. Navjot KAUR 
68kg: No. 2 Tamyra MENSAH vs. Divya KAKRAN 
72kg: Rachel WATTERS vs. No. 12 (at 76kg) Kiran KIRAN 
76kg: No. 1 Adeline GRAY vs. Sudesh SUDESH 

Abdulrashid SADUALEV (RUS) is expected to compete for Russia at the 2019 European Championships. (Photo: Max Rose-Fyne) 

5. European Championships Less Than Three Weeks Away 
In less than three weeks, 20 days to be exact, Bucharest, Romania, will be the host site for the 2019 European Championships. Europe proves year in and year out to be the deepest wrestling continent in the world when it comes to placing wrestlers on the podium at the World Championships. 

In total, eighteen of last year’s thirty world champions hailed from Europe. Ten Greco-Roman, five freestyle and three women’s wrestling world champions came from Europe.

The tournament begins on April 8 and will go until April 14 and can be watched on 


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