Grappling World Championship Day 3 Recap

By Marc Berman

ASTANA, Kazakhstan (September 8th) - In a fast paced and action packed day, Team Russia stole the show, taking six gold medals in the Men’s division. Gairbeg IBRAGIMOV (RUS) defended his title in the 66kg division, winning two of four matches by submission. At 92kg, Abu GUDANATOV (RUS) showed solid wrestling and a dangerous submission game, scoring submissions in both the semifinals and finals.

At 62kg, all eyes were on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu star Joâo MIYAO (BRA). However, Joâo did not disappoint, ultimately taking gold in the 62kg division. His strategy was clear, pull quick and look to use his dangerous guard to reverse or attack arm-locks and triangle chokes. Joâo saved his best performance of the day for the final, extending his Russian opponents arm in a nasty armlock before switching to a triangle choke to finished the job.

Team Russia was just as dominate in the Senior Women’s division, where they also took home the gold medal. Russia had grapplers in three finals matches, winning two. Irina GROMOVA (RUS) was aggressive from the feet scoring often. When the action hit the mat, Gromova was just as dangerous , scoring the submission in the 64kg final.


Quarter-Final- J. Bordignon MIYAO (BRA) defeats A. Kaidybaev (KGZ) by points (13-4)

Quarter-Final- N. Vince ORTIZ (PHI) defeats N. MYNBAYEV (KAZ) by submission

Quarter-Final- K. GOODSITE (USA) defeats D. NYKONETS (UKR) by points (6-0)

Quarter-Final- A. IASAEV (RUS)  defeats A. Colazingari (ITA) by points( 8-2)

Semi-Final -J. Bordignon MIYAO (BRA) defeats N. Vince ORTIZ (PHI) by points (9-2)

Semi-Final-A. IASAEV (RUS) defeats K. GOODSITE (USA) by points (7-2)

Final- J. Bordignon MIYAO (BRA) defeats A. IASAEV (RUS) by submission


Quarter-Final- A. YUNUSOV (UZB) defeats P. MIYAO (BRA) by disqualification

Quarter-Final- A. Tomer (ISR) defeats E. Uulu MANASBEK (KGZ) by points (3-2)

Quarter-Final- L. QUINONES (USA) defeats L. STANIKAS (LTU) by points (9-2)

Quarter-Final- G.IBRAGIMOV (RUS) defeats A. BAURZHAN (KAZ) by submission

Semi-Final -  A. TOMER (ISR) defeats A. YUNUSOV (UZB) by points (6-2)

Semi-Final- G.IBRAGIMOV (RUS) defeats L. QUINONES (USA) by submission

Final-G.IBRAGIMOV (RUS) defeats A. TOMER (ISR)  by points (8-0)


Quarter-Final- C. Lullan IORGA (ROU) defeats B. Chimol MOSHE (ISR) by points (2-0)

Quarter-Final- J.Witkowski (POL) defeats J. MORGAN (USA) by submission

Quarter-Final- D. IBRAGIMOV (KAZ) defeats A. MIRZA by criteria (0-0)

Quarter-Final- A. ZAINALKHANOV (RUS) defeats B. USENOV (KGZ) by points (3-2)

Semi-Final - J.Witkowski (POL) defeats C. Lullan IORGA (ROU) by submission

Semi-Final- A. ZAINALKHANOV (RUS) defeats  D. IBRAGIMOV (KAZ) by points (6-4)

Final- A. ZAINALKHANOV (RUS) defeats J.Witkowski (POL) by submission


Quarter-Final- D. NETKACHEV (UKR) defeats E. OMER (ISR) by submission

Quarter-Final- S. DUMINICA (ROU) defeats T. RYUSKE (JPN) by submission

Quarter-Final-  A. SHAMSHIEV (KGZ) defeats T. NOWAKOWSKI (POL) by submission

Quarter-Final-  S. RAMOS (USA) defeats T. SMIRNOVAS (LTU) by points (5-2)

Semi-Final - D. NETKACHEV (UKR) defeatsS. DUMINICA (ROU) by points (5-0)

Semi-Final- S. RAMOS (USA) defeats A. SHAMSHIEV (KGZ) by points (5-2)

Final- D. NETKACHEV (UKR) defeats S. RAMOS (USA) by points (2-2 OT)


Quarter-Final- Y. BAYSULTANOV (FRA) defeats I.POGACSAS (HUN) by points (3-0)

Quarter-Final- H. HORODETSKYI (UKR) defeats G. STEFAN (ROU) by disqualification

Quarter-Final-  D. SKIBISKI (POL) defeats H.MASAYUKI (JPN) by points (17-0)

Quarter-Final-  S. MAGOMEDOV defeats H. PURTIYEV (AZE) by submission

Semi-Final -Y. BAYSULTANOV (FRA) defeats H. HORODETSKYI (UKR) by points (6-1)

Semi-Final- S. MAGOMEDOV (RUS) defeats D. SKIBISKI (POL) by points (3-1)

Final- S. MAGOMEDOV (RUS) defeats Y. BAYSULTANOV (FRA) by points (3-2)


Quarter-Final-  C. MIRSEA (ROU) defeats C. SOTO (USA) by points (6-1)

Quarter-Final- B. OMURZAKOV (KGZ) defeats I. SERKIBAYEV (KAZ) by points 5-4

Quarter-Final-  A. GUDANATOV (RUS) defeats Y. ISICHKO (UKR) by points 7-3

Quarter-Final-  W. EDMUND (FRA) defeats I. AVRAHAM (ISR)  by points 2-1

Semi-Final -  B. OMURZAKOV (KGZ) defeats C. MIRSEA (ROU) by submission

Semi-Final- A. GUDANATOV (RUS) defeats W. EDMUND (FRA) by submission

Final-  A. GUDANATOV (RUS) defeats B. OMURZAKOV (KGZ) by points (7-2)


Quarter-Final- K. UMISKI (POL) defeats J. ANDERSON (USA) by forfeit

Quarter-Final- A. FONTES (FRA) defeats N. ISMAILOV (KGZ) by points (10-2)

Quarter-Final-  A. BILAROV (RUS) defeats K. TULESHEV (KAZ) by submission

Quarter-Final- A. HALETA (UKR) defeats C. VASILE-MICREA (ROU) by disqualification

Semi-Final - K. UMISKI (POL) defeats A. FONTES (FRA) by submission

Semi-Final- A. BILAROV (RUS) defeats A. HALETA (UKR) by submission

Final- A. BILAROV (RUS) defeats  K. UMISKI (POL) by points (8-2)


Quarter-Final- D. SOKOL (LTU) defeats I. NENCIONI (ITA) by submission

Quarter-Final- V. MATEIKO (UKR) defeats R. SARTBAYEV (KAZ) by points (11-3)

Quarter-Final- T. CLARK (USA) defeats U. NUROV (UZB) by points (7-3)

Quarter-Final-  H. STAMBULOV (RUS) defeats A ABDYLDAEV by submission

Semi-Final -  V. MATEIKO (UKR) defeats D. SOKOL (LTU) by points (5-2)

Semi-Final- H. STAMBULOV (RUS) defeats T. CLARK (USA) by points (11-1)

Final- H. STAMBULOV (RUS) defeats  V. MATEIKO (UKR) by points (9-0)

Women’s Grappling


Quarter-Final- N. ANAIANSI (ESP) defeats A. Tonelli (ITA) by submission

Quarter-Final- G. SEYDILDAYEVA (KAZ) defeats B. LAETITIA (FRA) by criteria (2-2)

Quarter-Final- A. AUGUSTYN- MITKOWSKA (POL) defeats J. PHILIPPUS (USA) by points (6-3)

Quarter-Final- S. SKRYPNK (UKR) defeats N. SAPARAI (RUS) by criteria (2-2)

Semi-Final -  N. ANAIANSI (ESP) defeats  G. SEYDILDAYEVA (KAZ) by submission

Semi-Final- S. SKRYPNK (UKR) defeats A. AUGUSTYN- MITKOWSKA (POL) by submission

Final-   N. ANAIANSI (ESP) defeats S. SKRYPNK (UKR) by points (9-0)


Quarter-Final- M.C. MASUDA (PHI) defeats G. OMAR (KAZ) by points (8-2)

Quarter-Final- B. CARIANI (ITA) defeats W. ZYGMUNT (POL) by points (6-0)

Quarter-Final- O. VLADIMIROVA (RUS) defeats K. SHAKALOVA (UKR) by points (7-0)

Quarter-Final- B. STIKKELMAN (USA) defeats M. MONTERO (ESP) by points (3-2)

Semi-Final - B. CARIANI (ITA) defeats M.C. MASUDA (PHI) by points (10-1)

Semi-Final-  O. VLADIMIROVA (RUS) defeats B. STIKKELMAN (USA) by points (6-4)

Final-  B. CARIANI (ITA) defeats  O. VLADIMIROVA (RUS) by points (3-1)


Quarter-Final- I. PAVESE (ITA) defeats R. RYSSAEYVA (KAZ) by points (7-2)

Quarter-Final-  B.UZGENBAEVA (KGZ) defeats M. Mar Gaitan GUITERREZ (ESP) by points (2-2 overtime)

Quarter-Final- T. HRYNKO (UKR) defeats S. PNIAK (POL) by points (5-3)

Quarter-Final-  I. GROMOVA (RUS) defeats C. SAFI (FRA) by points (8-3)

Semi-Final - I. PAVESE (ITA) defeats B.UZGENBAEVA (KGZ) by points (4-2)

Semi-Final-  I. GROMOVA (RUS) defeats T. HRYNKO (UKR) by points (5-0)

Final-  I. GROMOVA (RUS) defeats  I. PAVESE (ITA) by submission


RR RND 1- I. MUNGAI (ITA) defeats O. SUSKO (UKR) by submission

RR RND 1- R. ANUFRIEVA (RUS) defeats K. SAGINDYKOVA (KAZ) by submission

RR RND 2- R. ANUFRIEVA (RUS) defeats O. SUSKO (UKR) by submission

RR RND 2- I. MUNGAI (ITA) defeats K. SAGINDYKOVA (KAZ) by points (12-8)

RR RND 3-O. SUSKO (UKR) defeats  K. SAGINDYKOVA (KAZ) by submission

RR RND 3- R. ANUFRIEVA (RUS) defeats  I. MUNGAI (ITA) by submission


RR RND 1- H. KOVALSKA (UKR) defeats Z. AITMAGAMBETOVA (KAZ) by submission

RR RND 1- M. ZASZCUZUDKOWICZ (POL) defeats D. NIKOLAEVA (RUS) by points (4-3)

RR RND 2-  C. BAREE (FRA) defeats Z. AITMAGAMBETOVA (KAZ) by points (11-0)

RR RND 2- H. KOVALSKA (UKR) defeats M. ZASZCUZUDKOWICZ (POL) by submission

RR RND 3-C. BAREE (FRA) defeats M. ZASZCUZUDKOWICZ (POL) by submission

RR RND 3- D. NIKOLAEVA (RUS) defeats H. KOVALSKA (UKR) by submission

RR  RND 4- D. NIKOLAEVA (RUS) defeats C. BAREE (FRA) by points (9-1)


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