Grappling World Championship Day 4 Recap

By Marc Berman

Team Russia stole the show on day two of the senior-level grappling gi worlcd championships in Astana.

A total of six Russians competed in the men’s finals with five walking away with golds. Ruslan ABDULAEV (RUS) led his nation with a great performance in the 100+kg division, making use of great stand up work followed by a slick submission-oriented ground game to defeat his Italian opponent 8-0 in the semifinal. 

In the finals Abdulaev worked his way on top, passed the guard and finished the match with a beautiful arm lock from mount.

At 77kg, Yusef KADDUR (ESP) handed the Russians their only finals match loss by out working  Ruslan RIZANOV (RUS) in a tight match with a final score of 5-2.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu superstar Joâo MIYAO (BRA) in the 62kg final over Dmytro BARANOV (UKR) securing his second gold medal of the weekend. Miyao’s strategy was to pull guard and attacking the back position, though he did display a nice standing game - hitting a throw in his semifinal match before getting the submission victory.

Poland’s Sanda PNIAK (POL) brought home gold in the Women’s 64kg division. Pniak was able to find the submission victory in her first two matches of the day before winning big on points (9-1) in the finals match.

Defending her home turf in the 53kg division was Abilkadyrova Aigerim (KAZ), reaching the finals match against Anna Augustyn-Mitkowska (POL) after two submission victories. Mitkowska was at peak performance all day but, was unable to play spoiler falling 7-0 to Aigerim in the final.


Quarter-Final-  D. Baranov (UKR) defeats A. JOHNSON (USA) by submission

Quarter-Final- U. Naoki (JPN) defeat A. VERDEMARE (ITA) by submission

Quarter-Final- N. Vince ORTIZ (PHI) defeats C. BARRIOS by submission

Quarter-Final- J. Bordignon MIYAO (BRA) defeats M. TEMEEV (RUS) by points (5-2)

Semi-Final - D. Baranov (UKR) defeats U. Naoki (JPN) by points ( 6-4)

Semi-Final- J. Bordignon MIYAO (BRA) defeats  N. Vince ORTIZ (PHI) by submission

Final- J. Bordignon MIYAO (BRA) defeats D. Baranov (UKR) by points (7-6)


Quarter-Final- J. Uulu TOKTORBAY (KGZ) defeats M. GAVINO (ITA) by submission

Quarter-Final-  A. KHMELIUK (UKR) defeats O. Dorin JIMBOREAN (ROU) by points (5-4)

Quarter-Final-  B. HOUNZA (FRA) defeats T. ALROY (ISR) by points (4-1)

Semi-Final - J. Uulu TOKTORBAY (KGZ) defeats  O. Aibar (KAZ) by points (6-3)

Semi-Final- B. HOUNZA (FRA) defeats  A. KHMELIUK (UKR) by submission

Final- B. HOUNZA (FRA) defeats J. Uulu TOKTORBAY (KGZ) by points (5-4)


Quarter-Final- D. SEMENIUK (UKR) defeats F. ALCADLDE (ESP) by submission

Quarter-Final- K. DANIYAR (KAZ) defeats U. BAKBENGEN (KGZ) by points (14-9)

Quarter-Final-  C. Lullan IOGRA (ROU) defeats J. WITOWSKI (POL) by points (5-3)

Quarter-Final-  G. ALIBEKOV (RUS) defeats M. BAGGIERI (ITA) by points (4-0)

Semi-Final -  K. DANIYAR (KAZ) defeats  D. SEMENIUK (UKR) by points (10-2)

Semi-Final-  G. ALIBEKOV (RUS) defeats by points C. Lullan IOGRA (ROU) by points (9-1)

Final- G. ALIBEKOV (RUS) defeats K. DANIYAR (KAZ) by points (7-0)


Quarter-Final- R. NARUSVICIUS (LTU) defeats H. MIRJALAL (AZE) by submission

Quarter-Final-  Y. KADDUR (ESP) defeats D.NETKACHEV (UKR) by submission

Quarter-Final-  O. EMANOELY (ISR) defeats M. KALUSZEWSKI (POL) by points (8-2)

Quarter-Final-  R. RIZANOV (RUS) defeats M. BAILLOT (FRA) by submission

Semi-Final -  Y. KADDUR (ESP) defeats  R. NARUSVICIUS (LTU) by points (7-2)

Semi-Final- R. RIZANOV (RUS) defeats  O. EMANOELY (ISR) by points (10-0)

Final- Y. KADDUR (ESP) defeats R. RIZANOV (RUS) by points (5-2)


Quarter-Final-  I. POGACSAS (HUN) defeats A. ALI (PAK) by submission

Quarter-Final-  P. NIDZI (POL) defeats H. HORODETSKI (UKR) by points (5-4)

Quarter-Final- A. ANNABI (FRA) defeats P.HAJIMURAD (AZE) by submission

Quarter-Final- M. UMAROV (RUS) defeats M. TAIGAT (KAZ) by points (17-0)

Semi-Final - P. NIDZI (POL) defeats  I. POGACSAS (HUN) by submission

Semi-Final- M. UMAROV (RUS) defeats A. ANNABI (FRA) by points (3-1)

Final- M. UMAROV (RUS) defeats P. NIDZI (POL) by points (7-3) in the 84kg final


Quarter-Final- P. BAGINSKI (POL) defeats A. IBRAGIMOV (ISR) by submission

Quarter-Final- C. SOTO (USA) defeats Y. ISICHKO (UKR) by submission

Quarter-Final- O. BEKSULTAN (KGZ) defeats C. MIRSEA (ROU) by points (7-3)

Quarter-Final-  A. SHAPIEV (RUS) defeats A.ABU-BAKIR (KAZ) by points (3-2)

Semi-Final - A. SHAPIEV (RUS) defeats O. BEKSULTAN (KGZ) by submission

Semi-Final- C. SOTO (USA) defeats P. BAGINSKI (POL) by submission

Final- A. SHAPIEV (RUS) defeats C. SOTO (USA) by points (10-0) in the 92kg final


Quarter-Final- J. Becancor MORENO (ESP) defeats D. NSOMBOLI (FRA) by submission

Quarter-Final- A. BAKDAULET (KAZ) defeats B.TOMASETTI (ITA) by submission

Quarter-Final- I. UMAROV (RUS) defeats A. HALETA (UKR) by submission

Semi-Final - S. EVAENII (KGZ) defeats J. Becancor MORENO (ESP) by points (6-2)

Semi-Final- I. UMAROV (RUS) defeats A. BAKDAULET (KAZ) by points (5-3)

Final- I. UMAROV (RUS) defeats S. EVAENII (KGZ) by points (7-2)


Quarter-Final- defeats U. NUROV (UZB) by criteria (3-3)

Quarter-Final- V. MANCUSO (USA) defeats. Ahmed Khan QASURI (PAK) by forfeit

Quarter-Final- R. ABDULAEV (RUS) defeats V. MATEIKO (UKR) by forfeit

Quarter-Final-  A. FREZZA (ITA) defeats A. SAULET (KAZ) by pointa (6-2)

Semi-Final - V. MANCUSO (USA) defeats N. ISMAILOV (KGZ) by submission

Semi-Final- R. ABDULAEV (RUS) defeats A. FREZZA (ITA) by points (8-0)

Final- R. ABDULAEV (RUS) defeats V. MANCUSO (USA) by points submission (armlock) in the 100+kg final

Women’s Grappling


Quarter-Final- A. ALGERIM (KAZ) defeats P. KRUPSKAIA (RUS) by submission

Quarter-Final- S. SKRPNYK (UKR) defeays M. MORGAN (USA) by criteria (2-2)

Quarter-Final- A. AUGUSTYN-MITKOWSKI (POL) defeats L. BOES (FRA) by points (9-3)

Quarter-Final- N. ANAIANSI (ESP) defeats S.GABRIELLI (ITA) by points (4-1)

Semi-Final - A. ALGERIM (KAZ) defeats S. SKRPNYK (UKR) by submission

Semi-Final- N. ANAIANSI (ESP) defeats A. AUGUSTYN-MITKOWSKI (POL) by points (5-2)

Final- A. ALGERIM (KAZ) defeats A. AUGUSTYN-MITKOWSKI (POL) by points (7-0)


Quarter-Final- K. FAIRZA (KAZ) defeats M. Aisa RATCLIFF (PHI) by points (9-1)

Quarter-Final-  M. MONTERO (ESP) defeats T. SONIA (FRA) by points (6-0)

Quarter-Final- Z. SZAWERNOWSKA (POL) defeats K. SHAKALOVA (UKR) by points (12-2)

Quarter-Final-  B. STIKKELMAN (USA) defeats B. CARIANI (ITA) by submission

Semi-Final - Z. SZAWERNOWSKA (POL) defeats B. CARIANI (ITA) by points (2-2 OT)

Semi-Final- K. FAIRZA (KAZ) defeats M. MONTERO (ESP) by submission

Final- Z. SZAWERNOWSKA (POL) defeats K. FAIRZA (KAZ) by points (13-4)


Quarter-Final- T. HRYNKO (UKR) defeats N.ASSEI (KAZ) by points (5-1)

Quarter-Final-  S. PNIAK (POL) defeats U. BARCHYNAI (KGZ) by submission

Quarter-Final-  I. GROMOVA (RUS) defeats I. PAVESE (ITA) by points

Semi-Final - T. ANNE (FRA) defeats T. HRYNKO (UKR) by points (5-4)

Semi-Final- S. PNIAK (POL) defeats  I. GROMOVA (RUS) by submission

Final- S. PNIAK (POL) defeats T. ANNE (FRA) by points (9-1)


RR RND 1- I. MUNGAI (ITA) defeats O.SUSKO (UKR) by points (9-4)

RR RND 1- R. ANUFRIEVA (RUS) defeats B. GUINUR (KAZ) by submission

RR RND 2- I. MUNGAI (ITA) defeats B. GUINUR (KAZ) by points (16-0)

RR RND 2-  R. ANUFRIEVA (RUS) defeats O.SUSKO (UKR) by submission

RR RND 3-  R. ANUFRIEVA (RUS) defeats I. MUNGAI (ITA) by submission

RR RND 3- O.SUSKO (UKR) defeats  B. GUINUR (KAZ) by points (12-1)


RR RND 1- H. KOVALSKA (UKR) defeats M. ZASZCZUDLOWICZ (POL) by points (11-1)

RR RND 1-I. SHOROKHOVA (RUS) defeats S. ZARINA (KAZ) by points (6-3)

RR RND 2- M. ZASZCZUDLOWICZ (POL) defeats C. BARRE (FRA) by points (9-2)

RR RND 2- H. KOVALSKA (UKR) defeats S. ZARINA (KAZ) by submission

RR RND 3- C. BARRE (FRA) defeats S. ZARINA (KAZ) by submission

RR RND 3- H. KOVALSKA (UKR) defeats I. SHOROKHOVA (RUS) by points (16-2)

RR RND 4- S. ZARINA (KAZ)  defeats M. ZASZCZUDLOWICZ (POL) 3-2 points

RR RND 4- I. SHOROKHOVA (RUS) defeats C. BARRE (FRA) by points (5-3)



Future is Bright for Grappling in Kazakhstan

By Marc Berman

ASTANA, Kazakhstan (September 9th) -- The Kazakhstani grappling team may not have won a bevy of gold medals, but the Central Asian nation showed great improvement at the 2018 Grappling World Championships.

After four tough days of competition the host nation walked away with a 3rd place finish in the women’s senior division and fifth place in the men’s senior division. The nation also boasted finalists in the women’s 53kg and 58kg division and scored a bronze and silver on the men’s side.

In preparation for the World Championships Kazakhstan hosted qualifying events in multiple cities before the national qualifier earlier this year.

Head grappling coach Renat SITNAZAROV was pleased with the process of forming the team. “We were able to gather our strongest athletes together and bring them here for the championships.”

In preparation for the event the team brought together athletes from around the country to train together and work on new techniques. In preparation for Grappling events team members compete in various other styles, freestyle, Greco-Roman, judo, sambo and jiu-jitsu.

When it came time for the actual competition Sitnazarov and his coaching staff worked with each athlete before each round to develop a winning strategy.

Since 2010 Coach Renat has seen grappling take off in Kazakhstan, becoming more popular every year. “I see Grappling growing every year and is now very popular with many athletes taking part of events here in Kazakhstan. Now with athletes such as Miyao coming from other styles to compete in Grappling, I see it becoming a big event.”

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