Women's World Cup

Japan Edges China for World Cup Gold

By Eric Olanowski

CHEBOKSARY, Russia (December 2) - The 2017 Women’s World Cup championship session wrapped up this morning. After two days of exciting action, it was Japan winning the gold medal bout, Mongolia taking home the bonze, host nation Russia placing fifth, and Azerbaijan taking seventh.  

The gold medal bout between Japan and China was kicked off with 2017 world champion Yui SUSAKI (JPN) taking on Olympic bronze medalist SUN Yanan (CHN). Sun’s crotch lift gave her the 2-2 lead on criteria as time expired. After Japan challenged the call, two points were awarded to Susaki and she was victorious 4-2.

SUN Yanan (CHN) argues a last-second call in her match with 2017 world champion Yui SUSAKI (JPN). Susaki won 4-2.

At 53kg, world champion Mayu MUKAIDA’s two takedowns in the first period were enough to hold on to the 4-0 win over PANG Qianyu (CHN).

RONG Ninging (CHN) gave China their first victory of the finals as she defeated Momoka KADOYA (JPN), 4-3.

Akie HANAI (JPN) and Yukako KAWAI (JPN) picked back-to-back wins, including a fall at 60kg by Kawai which gave Japan the commanding 4-1 lead.

Miwa MORIKAWA (JPN) looks to finish a shot before picking up a fall in the Wome's World Cup finals. 

After leading 1-0 at the end of the first period, LUO Xiaojua's (CHN) six points in the second period solidified her the 7-1 victory at 63kg. This helped cut Japan’s lead to within two with only two matches remaining. 

ZHOU Feng (CHN) broke the 1-1 with Miwa MORIKAWA (JPN) halfway through the second period with a takedown and gut wrench, giving her the the 5-1 lead. After a Morikawa step out and another takedown, Zhou won the match 8-1.

At 75kg, it was ZHOU Qian (CHN) who picked up the win via injury default after Masako FURUICHI (JPN) was unable to compete due to an apparent shoulder injury.

This left the dual tied 4-4, but it was Japan’s 17 classification points to China’s 16 that gave them victory in the gold medal match.

ZHOU Qian (CHN) shows excitment after Masako FURUICHI (JPN) was no longer able to compete due to a shoulder injury.

In the bronze medal bout, after dropping the first match, Mongolia went on to win three straight and five of the final seven bouts to defeated the United States. It was S. ERDENECHIMEG (MGL) at 55kg who sparked the Mongolian’s with a fall after being down 8-0 to USA Sarah HILDEBRANDT.

In the fifth place match, Russia and Ukraine traded a pair of wins and were tied after the first four matches. It was Yulia PRONTSEVITCH ​​​​​​(RUS) who broke the tie with a 1-0 victory over Sofiia BODNAR (UKR). From there, Russia took control of the match, winning two of the final three matches. Anastasia BRATCHIKOVA’S (RUS) 10-2 victory over Alla BELINSKA (UKR) gave Russia the 5-2 lead heading into 75kg, which ultimately sealed the fifth place bout for the host nation.

Yulia PRONTSEVITCH ​​​​​​(RUS) looks to finish a double leg in the fifth place bout.

Azerbaijan controlled the seventh place bout, winning six of the eight matches. Aside from the forfeit that Denise Sabina MAKOTA STROE picked up at 75kg, Sweden’s lone win came from Emma Siri Linnea BROCECK at 53kg.


Championship Final: Japan df. China, 4-4
48 kg Y. SUSAKI  (JPN) df. Y. SUN (CHN), 4-2
53 kg M. MUKAIDA (JPN) df. Q. PANG (CHN),4-0
55 kg N. RONG. (CHN) df. M. KADOYA  (JPN), 4-3
58 kg HANAI A. (JPN) df. Y. SUN (CHN), 6-2
60 kg Y. KAWAI  (JPN) df. X. CHEN (CHN), via FALL (2:07)
63 kg X. LUO (CHN) df. Y. ITO (JPN), 7-269 kg F. ZHOU (CHN) df. M. MORIKAWA (JPN), 8-1
75 kg Q. ZHOU Q. (CHN) df. M. FURUICHI (JPN), via INJ DEF

Third-Place: Mongolia df. United States, 5-3
48 kg V. ANTHONY  (USA) df. C. BUYANDALAI  (MGL), via FALL
53 kg O. GANBAATAR df. (MGL) H. AUGELLO (USA), 11-6
58 kg  B. ALTANTSETSEG (MGL) df. K. MIRACLE (USA), 6-1
60 kg A. RAGAN (USA) df. G. ENKHBAT (MGL), 4-4
63 kg O. PUREVDORJ (MGL) df. M. VELTE (USA), via FALL
69 kg B. SORONZONBOID  (MGL) df. T. MENSAH (USA), 8-7.
75 kg GRAY A. (USA) df. U. GAN OCHIR (MGL), via FALL.

Fifth-Place: Russia df. Ukraine, 5-3
53 kg S. ORSHUSH (RUS) df. O. SHNAIDER (UKR), 12-1
55 kg M. GUROVA (RUS) vs O. KREMZER (UKR), 8-2
60 kg Y. PRONTSEVITCH (RUS) df. S. BODNAR (UKR), 1-0
63 kg A. FOMENKO (RUS) df. I. KOLIADENKO (UKR), 2-2
69 kg A. BRATCHIKOVA (RUS) df. A. BELINSKA (UKR), 10-2
75 kg A. SHUSTOVA (UKR) df. J. MAKSIMOVA (RUS),10-2

Seventh-Place: Azerbaijan df. Sweden, 6-2
48 kg T. NASIROVA (AZE) df. M.  LJUNGSTROEM (SWE), 10-0
53 kg E. BROBECK (SWE)  df. S. QAMZOCLZADE S. (AZE), 7-4
55 kg S. HASHIMZADA (AZE) df. S. PETER (SWE) , 4-3
58 kg A. KOLESNIK (AZE) df. E. NILSSON (SWE), 6-4
60 kg T. OMELCHENKO (AZE) df. X X (SWE), via FORFEIT
63 kg E. GAMBAROVA (AZE) df. M. NYGREN (SWE), 5-4
69 kg E. MANOLOVA (AZE), A. SANDAHL (SWE), 3-2