Fair Play

Lalovic Reaffirms Wrestling’s Commitment to Olympic Charter, Fair Play

By United World Wrestling Press

IOWA CITY (April 8) – United World Wrestling president and IOC executive board member Nenad LALOVIC today reasserted wrestling’s commitment to open and fair play in sport.

“Like many federations we face problems with countries allowing their politics to interfere in competition,” said Lalovic. “For wrestling, this problem has been visible among our stakeholders. No longer can we allow political problems to enter the field of play. We must fight against any opponent of our sport community with all the means we have.”

Lalovic is currently in Iowa City, United States attending the 2018 Men’s Freestyle World Cup, a dual meet competition featuring the top eight wrestling nations in the world.

“If every international political conflict is transferred to the field of play, and we fail to respond, then all of sport would be in jeopardy. Every nation and every sport on the Olympic programme must respect the Olympic charter and the nature of their sport in general.”

“We will never allow any disrespect to our nations, nor will the IOC.”

United World Wrestling is reviewing all host cities and national federations to ensure they have no outstanding political disputes which might conflict with the idea of open and fair competition. Also, nations who do not allow for entrance of other nations will not be considered for hosting future events.

Ukrainian, Georgian Olympic Committees Host Level II Coaches and Referees Course

By United World Wrestling Press

VEVEY, Switzerland (November 25) -- The Ukrainian and Georgian Olympic committees, with the support of Olympic Solidarity and in collaboration with the National Wrestling Federations, hosted coaches and referees' courses during the month of November.

These courses focused on transmission knowledge and team building while perfecting participants knowledge. They were conducted by UWW educators Vincent AKA (CIV),Vladimir SHATSKYKH (UKR), Roman PAVLOV (UKR) and Edisher MACHAIDZE (GEO).

"The course reminded the participants of the essential skills necessary to sharpen their expertise and to stay on top of the new educational materials and content," said Shatskysh. "It was great to see my colleagues work together and empower each other to maximize their capacities and knowledge throughout these intensive working days."

The coaches increased their qualifications in both individual and teamwork principles. While the coaches of the Georgian national teams have a lot of hands-on experience and relevant results, they acknowledged that these courses have done a lot for them. 

"This course has taught coaches the key current trends and trends in wrestling, in both theoretical and practical terms: conducting modern training sessions with scientific approaches, both long-term and short-term; Planning of microcycles and macrocycles with accurate scientific, biological and physiological data," said Machaidze.

In addition, the educators reminded participants of the basic knowledge of wrestling education, and long forgotten lessons while working for the first time with the referees to efficiently expand wrestling developments within their clubs and regions.
The activities were interactive, giving attending coaches and referees the chance to practice sharpening classroom skills on the mats.

The classroom skills highlighted periodization, nutrition, injury management and club development as well as refereeing rules. Coaches had to demonstrate good practice in terms of technical, pedagogical and communication skills. Particular emphasis has been placed on the ability of coaches to self-analyze their coaching skills.
The Ukrainian and Georgian Wrestling Federation expressed their gratitude and support received from United World Wrestling and the desire to cooperate with other projects related to the development of wrestling in their countries.