Beach wrestling

National Champion in Freestyle and Beach Style Goes for First World Title

By Marc Berman

SARIGERME, Turkey (October 6th and 7th) -- When Huseyin BAKIR (TUR) began wrestling at age 11 in his childhood home of Istanbul, he never imagined that 8 years later he would already be a national champion in freestyle and beach wrestling and competing for his first world title in beach wrestling.

“I never thought to wrestle in the beach style. My focus has been on freestyle but, a month ago I came to Sarigerme to see my cousin. The national championship was going on the same time and I decided to try.” Bakir was able to capture the national title and qualify for the World Championship.

The transition between styles has been an interesting one for Bakir. “ The beach style is completely different than freestyle. I normally like to shoot in and attack my opponents legs but, you can not do that in the beach ( point awarded to opponent if the knee touches the sand during a takedown attempt). The time of the match is less so, the strategy changes. Wrestling is wrestling and I have trained many years so the change in style is not impossible to overcome.”

Another plus of competing on the beach for Bakir is the beautiful weather and wonderful beach. “ So perfect here, the weather, the beach and after the competition we will swim.”

Don’t miss Bakir tomorrow in the medal rounds. Catch him and the rest of the competition live on United World Wrestling.