Over 400 Wrestlers Participate in Anti-Doping Workshop in Iran

By United World Wrestling Press

More than 400 wrestlers from all provinces of Iran participated in an anti-doping workshop held on Jan. 18, 2018, at the Azadi Sports Complex in Tehran, Iran. It marked the first time the workshop has been held in Iran.

The following topics were covered during the four-hour workshop:

•    Sanctions of WADA
•    Dangers of supplements and the values of clean sport
•    Using the TUE form and how to fill out the form
•    Dangers of doping and side effects of prohibited substances on human bodies

Instructors for the workshop included Dr. Reza Saeidi Nishabouri (MD) and Dr. Tooraj Malek Mohammadi (MD) from the anti-doping committee and federation of sports medicine.