Belt Wrestling

Poland Wins First Official Belt Wrestling European Open Team Cup

By United World Wrestling Press

The first official Belt Wrestling European Open Team Cup was held Dec. 8-10 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Eight teams participated in the competition: Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Poland, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.  

Competition was held in five categories: Alysh (women classic style 60; 70; +70) and Belt Wrestling (men freestyle 90; +90).

Poland won the team title team. Uzbekistan finished second followed by Ukraine.

United World Wrestling's Associated Styles Committee President Mrs. Rodica Yaksi, Honorary President of International Belt Wrestling Federation, Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Cholpon Sultanbekova, and Honorary President of International Belt Wrestling Federation, three-time time Olympic champion Mr. Alexander Medved attended the event as honorary guests. 

United World Wrestling international Belt wrestling events are seen as an opportunity to strengthen good faith cooperation with the host countries and help them to promote their own national wrestling styles. A day after the Belt Wrestling European Open Team Cup, athletes participated in the official II Open Lithuanian Belt Wrestling (Ristynės) championship held by the Lithuanian Traditional Wrestling Federation.

Competition was recognized by the Department of Physical Education and Sports under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and was meant to promote Lithuania's culture and heritage in a form of its traditional belt wrestling style.
Organizers are thankful to athletes who participated and colleagues who helped to make this event possible.