Portugal Pursuing Olympic Solidarity Development of National Sports System

By Tim Foley

LISBON (May 21) – The Portugal Wrestling Federation has been accepted into the Olympic Solidarity Development of National Sports System (DNSS) program.

The five stage plan began in February and has since completed additional phases in April and May. The fourth phase will be in September and the fifth in December. The five phases were staggered throughout the nation to help promote nationwide participation in the sport. The final plans call for unified education and development.

The program is being led by Luis FONTES, coach and Technical Director for the Portugal Wrestling Federation.

United World Wrestling encourages eligible National Federations to apply the program through their National Olympic Committee. The maximum amount that one National Federation could receive is 30,000 USD through the development program.

The details of this program is on our web in the development section, the link is as follow:

For more information, please email [email protected]

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Wrestling Delivers Development Programs in Africa

By United World Wrestling Press

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY (June 20) -- As part of United World Wrestling’s broader initiative to secure future wrestling opportunities in Africa, the international federation for the sport delivered coaching courses following the 2019 African Wrestling Championships this March.

The courses were held in Namibia and Guinée Bissau and conducted by UWW Development Officer Vincent AKA (CIV) and UWW Educator Juan Luis MAREN (CUB).

An assistance program for underdeveloped wrestling nations was also introduced. In addition, United World Wrestling's Development Department conducted workshops for national federations to inform the leaders of development programs. 

Namibia Wrestling Federation President Magdalena KATIMBA attended the workshop and applied for an Olympic Solidarity Technical Course for her federation. Katimba launched a wrestling social grassroot development program throughout the country and conducted a talent identification program among the youth.At the African Championships, Namibia won its first cadet gold medal and first junior and senior bronze medals. 

Guinée Bissau performed well at the continental championships showed potential despite the difficulties faced by the country, said Maren. The wrestlers are currently training at the UWW African Training Centre under the expertise of Alexis RODRIGUEZ (CUB).

Following the course, Maren visited various clubs in Guinée Bissau to see the sporting infrastructure and assess the development needs of the national federation. 

A grassroot development program will be launched next year in both countries to further contribute to these activities and plan for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games and 2024 Olympic Games. 

Programs on refereeing, coaching and administration education are planned for this year in Chad, Uganda, Cameroon, Morocco and Guinea. 

For any additional information on the development programs, please contact [email protected]