Ivan Yarygin

Russians Dominate Day One

By Eric Olanowski

KRASNOYARSK, Russia (January 26) -- Russia dominated day one of the 29th Annual Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix in Krasnoyarsk with wrestlers from the host nation facing each other in the night's 57kg, 61kg and 70kg finals. Yarygin is the first of United World Wrestling's Ranking Series, with medalists earning worldwide standing points based on their placement.

In the night's opening freestyle bout, defending Yarygin champion Zavur UGUEV (RUS) faced Azamat TUSKAEV (RUS) in the 57kg finals. The duo tangled early, but Uguev was successful with a takedown midway through the first period earning him a commanding 3-0 lead heading into the second. Uguev closed out the match 4-1 and take home eight points in the ranking series.

Gadzhimurad RASHIDOV (RUS) and Ismail MUSUKAEV (RUS) faced each other in the 65kg finals, treating fans to a back-and-forth tango. The duo were tied 2-2 late when a Musukaev flurry at the edge, fell in favor of Rashidov who earned the decisive one point advantage on a step out, winning 3-2.  

Magomed KURBANALIEV’s (RUS) trailed his close friend Magomedrasul GAZIMAGOMEDOV (RUS) 1-0 with :30 seconds left in the 70kg gold medal final, but found a late takedown and the eventual 2-2 victory on way to his third Yarygin title.

In a non-ranking series event, women's wrestling competed alongside their male counterparts Friday night in four gold medal finals. 

With a revamped coaching staff the Chinese women had a hefty gold medal haul on day one of women's wrestling at the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix. Ningning RONG (CHN) and Chuying TANG (CHN) were each successful in capturing their first Yarygin crowns in dominating fashion, while Japan's stalwarts Yuki IRIE (JPN) and Andoriahanako SAWA (JPN) also won golds for Team Japan.

Looking for her third Yarygin title, Yuki IRIE (JPN) found herself with a comfortable five-point lead heading into the second period. After picking up a takedown and gut wrench, Irie’s lead over Sonhyang KIM (PRK) grew to 9-0.

Halfway through the second period, the tides turned as Irie found herself fighting off Kim’s late surge, giving up eight unanswered points, but holding on to win on to win, 9-8.

When asked about the second period, Irie said “I became relaxed in the second period and she became strong. I need to train more. She felt very strong.”

At 55kg, XIE Mengyu (CHN) went big twice and had an 8-5 lead with under 30 seconds remaining. Sawa continued to push the pace and picked up a takedown along with a gut wrench as time expired. The scoreboard read 9-8 in favor of Sawa. After a Xie lost challenge, Sawa hand was raised and she was award the 10-8 victory.

Ningning RONG (CHN) was in control of the 59kg gold medal bout whistle to whistle. Entering the second period, Rong led 6-0. The match ended after Rong scored four additional points, giving her the 10-0 technical superiority victory over Alli RAGAN (USA).

Chuying TANG (CHN) trailed Yulia PRONTSEVITCH (RUS) 1-0 after the first period of the 65kg final. The Chinese wrestler was able to pick up at takedown and gut wrench, sealing her 4-1 victory.

Gold – Zavur UGUEV (RUS) df. Azamat TUSKAEV (RUS), 4-1.

Bronze – Tsogbadrakh TSEVEENSUREN (MGL) df. Baris KAYA (TUR), 5-1
Bronze – Khuresh ool DONDUK OOL (RUS) df. Frank PERRELLI IV (USA), 5-3

Semifinal – Zavur UGUEV (RUS) df. Frank PERRELLI IV (USA), 8-3
Semifinal – Azamat TUSKAEV (RUS) df. Tsogbadrakh TSEVEENSUREN (MGL), 7-0

Gold – Gadzhimurad RASHIDOV (RUS) df. Ismail MUSUKAEV (RUS), 3-2

Bronze – Aleksandr BOGOMOEV (RUS) df. Anthony RAMOS (USA), 4-0
Bronze – Tuvshintulga TUMENBILEG (MGL) df. Abbos RAKHMONOV (UZB), 5-1

Semifinal – Gadzhimurad RASHIDOV (RUS) df. Aleksandr BOGOMOEV (RUS), 2-0
Semifinal – Ismail MUSUKAEV (RUS) df. Abbos RAKHMONOV (UZB), 5-0

Gold – Magomed KURBANALIEV (RUS) df. Magomedrasul GAZIMAGOMEDOV (RUS), 2-2

Bronze – Andriy KVYATKOVSKYY (UKR) df. Israil KASUMOV (RUS), 8-3
Bronze – Frank MOLINARO (USA) df. Levan KELEKHSASHVILI (GEO), 5-3

Semifinal – Magomedrasul GAZIMAGOMEDOV (RUS) df. Israil KASUMOV (RUS), 7-1
Semifinal – Magomed KURBANALIEV (RUS) df. Frank MOLINARO (USA), 8-5

Women’s Wrestling
Gold – Yuki IRIE (JPN) df. Sonhyang KIM (PRK), 9-8

Bronze – Anzhelika VETOSHKINA (RUS) df. Valeriya CHEPSARAKOVA (RUS), 5-4
Bronze – Jie NI (CHN) df. Elena VOSTRIKOVA (RUS) via tf, 10-0

Semifinal – Yuki IRIE (JPN) df. Anzhelika VETOSHKINA (RUS), 14-3
Semifinal – Sonhyang KIM (PRK) df. Elena VOSTRIKOVA (RUS), 8-0

Gold – Andoriahanako SAWA (JPN) df. Mengyu XIE (CHN), 10-8

Bronze – Davaachimeg ERKHEMBAYAR (MGL) df. Aleksandra NITSENKO (RUS), 8-0
Bronze – Jonghwa CHOE (PRK) df. Nina MENKENOVA (RUS), 6-0

Semifinal – Andoriahanako SAWA (JPN) df. Jonghwa CHOE (PRK), 8-0
Semifinal – Mengyu XIE (CHN) df. Davaachimeg ERKHEMBAYAR (MGL), 9-5

Gold – Ningning RONG (CHN) df. Allison Mackenzie RAGAN (USA), 10-0

Bronze – Veronika CHUMIKOVA (RUS) vs. Mimi Nikolova HRISTOVA (BUL), 6-5
Bronze – Uliana TUKURENOVA (RUS) vs. Bilyana Zhivkova DUDOVA (BUL), 8-3

Semifinal – Ningning RONG (CHN) df. Mimi Nikolova HRISTOVA (BUL), 8-4
Semifinal – Allison Mackenzie RAGAN (USA) df. Bilyana Zhivkova DUDOVA (BUL), 9-6

Gold – Chuying TANG (CHN) df. Yulia PRONTSEVITCH (RUS), 4-1

Bronze – Bolortungalag ZORIGT (MGL) df. Anna SHCHERBAKOVA (RUS), 17-8
Bronze – Tsevegmed ENKHBAYAR (MGL) df. Oyuntuya OTGONBAT (MGL), 4-2

Semifinal – Chuying TANG (CHN) df. Bolortungalag ZORIGT (MGL), 2-0
Semifinal – Yulia PRONTSEVITCH (RUS) df. Oyuntuya OTGONBAT (MGL), 5-2

Ivan Yarygin

Sadulaev to Sit out Ivan Yarygin

By Eric Olanowski

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY, Switzerland (January 5) -- Gaidar GAIDAROV (RUS), the “Senior Coach of the Dagestan National Wrestling Team,” has confirmed to United World Wrestling that three-time world and Olympic champion Abdulrashid SADULAEV (RUS) will sit out of the first Ranking Series event of the year, the Ivan Yarygin. Gaidarov simply told UWW “No, he will not be wrestling in Krasnoyarsk.” 

The news of Sadulaev not competing comes five days before registration closes, and 20 days before the first whistle at the Ivan Yarygin, which is often referred to as the “Toughest Wrestling Tournament in the World.”

Sadualev not making the trip to Krasnoyarsk eliminates the potential “Round 3” matchup with the two-time world and Olympic champion Kyle SNYDER (USA) after the pair split the 2017 and 2018 world finals. “Captain America” was victorious in 2017, but the “Russian Tank” got his revenge in 2018, pinning Snyder one minute into the 97kg gold-medal bout. 

The duo of superstars have recently gone back and forth on Instagram teasing a potential third match at the Ivan Yarygin. 

First, it was Snyder who tagged Sadulaev in a  post captioned, “Round 3. Let's do it. Krasnoyarsk, Russia." 

Sadulaev quickly responded, saying, ”Buddy Snyder, I understand your condition, but I advise you to approach the trilogy with a cool head. And then suddenly the psyche will suffer. On the way to Tokyo 2020, we will meet again.”

With the news of Sadulaev sitting out of the Yarygin, it looks like we’ll have to wait until the 2019 World Championships in Astana, Kazakhstan, for the third match-up. 

The Ivan Yarygin begins on January 24 and is the first Ranking Series for freestyle and women’s wrestling.