Seven Storylines to Follow at Russia's Greco-Roman National C'ships

By Tigran Avanian

KALININGRAD, Russia (January 11) - Sergey EMELIN, Stepan MARYANIAN, Artem SURKOV, Alexander CHEKHIRKIN, Musa EVLOEV,  and Sergey SEMENOV, the six current Greco-Roman world champions, are exempted from the Russian Greco-Roman National Championships, which will be held in Kaliningrad, Russia, from January 17-21. But this does not make the upcoming competition less interesting, largely due to the fact that Olympic champions, Roman VLASOV and Davit CHAKVETADZE, will strive to regain their former positions. 

Roman VLASOV, Russia's two-time Olympic champion returns to the mat after suffering a knee injury before the 2018 World Championships. (Photo: Max Rose-Fyne) 

1. Roman Vlasov, Old and New Rivals 
At 77kg, the current world champion Alexander Chekhirkin was freed from the Russian National Championships, and the two-time Olympic champion Roman Vlasov, who missed the end of last season due to injury, is in line and intends to regain the title of the best wrestler in the country. 

He will be confronted by an old rival, 2014 world champion Chingiz LABAZANOV, and two new rivals, Islam OPIEV and Egor KADIROV, who are winners of the junior world and European championships, respectively. 

2. Possible Revenge For Davit Chakvetadze 
At last year's Russian National Championships, Olympic champion Davit Chakvetadze, who just returned from injury, suffered a crushing defeat to Bekkhan OZDOEV. Ozdoev, the silver medalist of the 2018 European Championships went to the 2018 World Championships but failed to medal.

EuIn Kaliningrad, Chakvetadze will strive for revenge, while there are a number of other ambitious wrestlers, including Alan OSTAEV, who has already defeated world and European champion Maxim MANUKYAN (ARM).

Alexander GOLOVIN celebrates after winning his second U22 World title. Golovin is one of the 97kg favorites. (Photo: Max Rose-Fyne)

3. Nikita Melnikov - Alexander Golovin 
The reigning world champion Musa EVLOEV will not wrestle at the Russian National Championships, however, there's high competition in his weight, and the match between 2013 world and 2016 European champion, Nikita MELNIKOV, and two-time U23 world champion Alexander GOLOVIN is expected to happen. 

We also single out junior world bronze medalists, Ruslan BEKUZAROV and Arthur SARGSYAN. 

4. Trio of Flyers 
There's interesting competition looming at 55kg. This category is only a year old - and the leaders here are Vasily TOPOEV and U23 world runner-up Vitaly KABALOEV.  But now, Emin SEVERSHAEV, who has been a leader on the junior team for a long time, is ready to join the fight. 

5. Adam Kurak - Abuazid Manzigov 
This confrontation is already becoming a landmark. Abuyazid MANTSIGOV, the 2017 European bronze medalist missed out on a medal at the 2018 World Championships, while Adam KURAK has taken bronze at the World Championships and won the European Championships twice. In their extreme match before the World Championships, Manzigov was stronger. 

How will it be this time? 

Aleksander KOMAROV has won four age-level world titles and would be among the favorites at 82kg - if he decides to compete on the senior level. (Photo: Max Rose-Fyne) 

6. Chance of Alekander Komarov 
Aleksander KOMAROV still remains on the junior team, where he can wrestle for one more year. But while there's time before the junior qualifiers, the time has come for the four-time age-level world champion to declare himself for the Senior Russian National Championships - especially with the country going through hard times at 82kg. 

After the injury to 2016 world champion Ramazan ABACHARAEV, and Imil SHARAFETDINOV not successfully performing at the 2018 World Championships, isn't it time for Alexander Komarov to take his shot at a non-Olympic weight spot?

7. Favorites in the absence of world champions 
In each weight, without mentioning above, there are favorites in the absence of world champions. 

At 60kg, without Sergey Emelin, the highest chance of winning goes to the 2012 London Olympic bronze medalist Mingiyan SEMENOV. 

In the weight up to 63kg, without Stepan MARYANIAN, the favorite is Ibragim LABAZANOV. 

For the third time in a row, in the absence of Artem Surkov at 67kg, Zaur KABALOYEV can win the Russian National Championships. 

At heavyweight, without Sergey Semenov, Vitaly SCHUR, the 2018 European runner-up, has the highest chance of success. 

This story was translated from wrestrus.ru. 


January 17 (Thursday) 
10:00 - Mandate Commission 
16:00 - Meeting of the panel of judges, representatives of the teams 
17: 30 - Draw and medical control of weight categories up to 55kg, 60kg, 63kg, and 67kg 

January 18 (Friday) 
7:00 - Opening of the entrance for athletes 
8:00 - Weighing, weight categories up to 55kg ,60kg ,63kg, and 67kg 
10:00 - Start of competition 
15:00 - Break 
16:00 - Draw and medical control of weight categories up to 72kg, 77kg, and 97kg 
17:00-  Semifinals in weight categories up to 55kg ,60kg, 63kg, and 67 kg 

January 19 (Saturday) 
7:00 - Opening of the entrance for athletes 
8: 00 - The second weighing for weight categories up to 55kg, 60kg, 63kg, and 67 kg 
8:15 - Weighing, weight categories up to 72kg, 77kg, and 97kg 
10:00 - Start of competition 
15: 00 - Break 

16: 00 - Draw and medical control for weight categories up to 82kg, 87kg, and 130 kg 
17:00 - Opening Ceremony
17:00 - Semifinals in weight categories up to 72kg, 77kg, and 97kg 
18:00 - Finals in weight categories up to 55kg ,60kg, 63kg, and 67 kg 

January 20 (Sunday) 
7:00 - Opening of the entrance for athletes 
8:00 - Second weighing for weight categories up to 60kg, 77kg, and 97kg 
8:15 - Weighing, weight categories up to 82kg, 87kg, and 130kg 
10:00 Start of competition 
15: 00 - Break 
17:00 - Semifinals in weight categories up to 82kg, 87, and 130 kg 
18:00 - Finals in weight categories up to 72kg, 77kg, and 97kg. 

January 21 (Monday) 
7:00 - Opening of the entrance for athletes 
8: 00 -The second weighing for weight categories up to 82kg, 87kg, and 130kg 
10:00 - Start of competition 
12:00 - Finals in weight categories up to 82kg 87kg, 130kg. 

Attention! The program is subject to change.

Ranking Series

United World Wrestling and FloSports Announce Global Broadcast Agreement

By United World Wrestling Press

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY (January 17) – United World Wrestling has signed a two-year livestreaming agreement with FloSports for all 2019 and 2020 Ranking Series and Beach Wrestling events.

The two-year agreement will include 12 Ranking Series events in 2019 and four Beach Wrestling championships. All events will be available in the United States on FloWrestling.org.

“United World Wrestling is excited to partner with FloSports in providing promotion and coverage of our Ranking Series events," said Gordon Templeman, Director of Commercial Operations for United World Wrestling. “Our sport is fortunate to have a passionate fanbase and we believe FloSports will excel in connecting these Ranking Series and Beach Wrestling Championships to our core audience.”

Launched in 2018 the Ranking Series is part of United World Wrestling’s ongoing effort to create a season-long event structure that incentivizes participation by the sport’s top athletes. In addition to a year-end cash prize for the highest point gatherer in each style, ranking points determine a wrestler’s seed at the world championships and Olympic Games.

Olympic and two-time world champion Kyle SNYDER (USA) will represent Team USA at next week's Ivan Yariguin in Krasnoyarsk (Photo: Tony Rotundo)

“United World Wrestling organizes the highest-caliber international competitions in the World,” FloSports SVP of Global Rights Acquisition & Strategy Adam Fenn said. “We’re thrilled to combine our efforts with UWW to grow the coverage and popularity of wrestling. As the world’s leading wrestling media company, we aim to increase exposure for the world’s top athletes leading into the World Championships, and we’re thrilled to introduce beach wrestling to U.S. fans.”

In addition to the Ranking Series, FloSports has also agreed to purchase the exclusive, worldwide rights for the Beach Wrestling Championships. The popular international style will include four United World Wrestling branded tournaments in 2019, starting with a championship in Lisbon, Portugal April 4-7 and concluding in September with the world championships in Croatia.

“Beach Wrestling is an exciting new style aimed at increasing participation and interaction with fans and young athletes,” said Templeman. “These tournaments won't just include a display of high-level wrestling action, but also a sun-drenched, fan-friendly atmosphere.”

The partnership kicks off later this month with the Ivan Yariguin Grand Prix in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The Yaryguin, once known as the “toughest tournament in the world” will include ranking tournaments in both women’s wrestling and freestyle. The action begins Thursday, January 24th and concludes Sunday, January 27th.

Full coverage of the Ivan Yaryguin and all Ranking Series events can be found on the United World Wrestling homepage and social media accounts.

Upcoming Ranking Series and World Beach Championships include:


  • Ivan Yariguin: Jan. 24-27
  • Grand Prix Zagreb Open: Feb. 8-10
  • Hungarian Grand Prix - Polyak Imre Memorial: Feb. 23-24
  • Dan Kolov: Feb. 28- Mar. 3
  • UWW Beach Wrestling Qualifier (Lisbon): Apr. 6-7
  • UWW Beach Wrestling Qualifier (Buzios): Apr. 27-28
  • Sassari City: May 26
  • Hungarian GP: June 7-9
  • UWW Beach Wrestling Qualifier (TBD): June 21-23
  • Yasar Dogu: July 12-14
  • Oleg Karavaev: July 26-28
  • UWW World Beach Wrestling Championship: Sept. 28-30