Beach wrestling

Six Tips for Watching Beach Wrestling

By Marc Berman

SARIGERME, Turkey (October 6th and 7th) -- Beach Wrestling is known for being a fast paced and exciting style, it is always a favorite amongst competitors. On the line this weekend is a world champion title and qualification to the 2019 Beach Games in San Diego next summer. Here is a quick guide to better understand the action when it hits the beach this weekend.

  1. The competition takes place in a 7-meter circle of sand
  2. Bracketing is determined by the athletes drawing lots to determine their position in the bracket
  3. The match is 1 period of 3 minutes for all divisions
  4. 1 point is awarded to a wrestler if they bring any part of the opponent’s body to the ground aside from the hands or if any part of the opponent’s body goes outside the competition area
  5. 2 points awarded when a wrestler manages to expose opponents back to the ground during a takedown
  6. 3 points wins the match. If there is a tie at the end of the match then the winner is decided by the highest value of holds, last point scored, weight of competitors (lighter taken the victory) or the lost number pulled during the drawing of lots.

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