Three Russian Women Win Euro Gold

By Eric Olanowski

ROME, Italy (August 2) - Russia’s Greco-Roman squad won four gold medals on their way to a team title, and Russian women picked up where their Greco-Roman countrymen left off, dominating the European Junior women’s wrestling competition to the tune of three gold medals. 

Russia's three gold medal performances today matched their overall gold medal output for the entire women’s wrestling competition at last year’s Dortmund European Championships. 

Veronika GURSKAYA (RUS), Aleksandra NITSENKO (RUS) and Khanum VELIEVA (RUS) each won their respective weight classes and took home a European gold medal.  This was Nitsenko’s first time winning an age-level continental championship, while Gurskaya and Velieva have won at least one age-level European gold medal. 

Gurskaya, who last won a European title in 2013 launched the Russian gold medal parade, defeating Aynur ERGE (TUR), 8-6 in the unpredictable back and forth 55kg gold medal bout. 

Though Gurskaya was the aggressor the entire match, she continued to allow Erge to stay in the match by turning defense into offense. 

The three-time age-level world bronze medalist used a fireman’s carry and gut wrench in the opening period to command the 6-2 lead heading into the break. 

But it was Erge, Turkey’s four-time European representative who remained patient and tied the match with two minutes remaining, scoring a four-point head-lock as Gurskaya pushed the pace on the out of bounds line. 

With 90 seconds left, Gurskaya shot a double-leg and grabbed the match-deciding takedown, ultimately winning the bout, 8-6.

Aleksandra Nitsenko used two double-leg takedowns and a step-out to storm through Darya SINKAVETS (BLR), 5-1, giving Russia back-to-back golds medals, and more importantly, her first continental championship. 

Khanum Velieva, the three-time age-level world champion gave Russia their third gold medal of the day, shutting out Yauheniya ANDREICHYKAVA (BLR), 7-0 in the 68kg gold medal bout. 

Velieva obtained her third age-level European title by scoring seven points off two takedowns and three step-outs. 

Russia (100 points) leads Turkey (74 points) by 26 points heading into the final day of women’s wrestling, but Russia still has two finalists, while Turkey only has one. 

The day five medal matches begin Friday at 6:00 PM (local time). 

GOLD -  Veronika GURSKAYA (RUS) df. Aynur ERGE (TUR), 8-6 

BRONZE -  Emanuela LIUZZI (ITA) df. Stefania Claudia PRICEPUTU (ROU), 6-6 
BRONZE - Ellen RIESTERER (GER) df. Magdalena Maria MAJOS (POL), via fall. 

GOLD -  Aleksandra NITSENKO (RUS) df. Darya SINKAVETS (BLR), 5-1 

BRONZE - Eda TEKIN (TUR) df. Szimonetta Timea SZEKER (HUN), 5-2 
BRONZE -  Khrystyna Zoryana DEMKO (UKR) df. Aukse RUTKAUSKAITE (LTU), 12-1 

GOLD -  Anastasia NICHITA (MDA) df. Tetiana RIZHKO (UKR), 12-2 

BRONZE - Morena DE VITA (ITA) df. Alina KAZYMOVA (RUS), 6-2 
BRONZE -  Debora LAWNITZAK (GER) df. Maryia HULIDA (BLR), 10-2  

GOLD -  Khanum VELIEVA (RUS) df. Yauheniya ANDREICHYKAVA (BLR), 7-0 

BRONZE - Kadriye AKSOY (TUR) df. Tindra Linnea SJOEBERG (SWE), via fall 
BRONZE -  Alina RUDNYTSKA LEVYTSKA (UKR) df. Ewelina Weronika CIUNEK (POL), 12-2 

76kg (Single bronze) 
GOLD -  Denise Sabina MAKOTA STROEM (SWE) df. Aysegul OZBEGE (TUR), 10-0