United World Wrestling Fills New Development Positions

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY (January 22) -- In an effort to improve on exisiting programs and create new platforms for outreach and growth, United World Wrestling today announced the addition of five officers to organization's development office. 

The five officers will each have a specific set of responsibilities, with four taking over in regional roles, while a fifth, current wrestler Nadine TOKAR (SUI), will become the Women's Wrestling Project Officer. 

Please find below the bios and photos for each of the new hires: 

Nadine TOKAR (SUI)

Nadine TOKAR (SUI -- Women's Wrestling Project Officer: A current 53kg wrestler from Bern, Switzerland, Tokar is training for the 2016 Games in Rio. After a ten-year career as a cartographer and time spent in the Swiss sports military, Tokar has been working the last several years as a project manager for a fundraising center.
Vincent AKA (FRA)


Vincent AKA (FRA) - Regional Development Officer - Africa: Originally from the Ivory Coast, Aka currently works for the French Wrestling Federation (FFL). Aka has been a vital component of the current developmental program and has proven an effective instructor. He speaks French, English and Russian and is a qualified United World Wrestling Coach Educator.



David LOPEZ (MEX) - Regional Development Officer - Americas: A longtime video analyst for the United World Wrestling development office, Lopez is excellent at creating academic research on the sport of wrestling. His strong administration skills and love for the sport of wrestling has translated into several succesful projects. He will be based in Mexico and is a qualified United World Wrestling Coach Educator.



Luis FONTES (POR) - Regional Development Officer - Europe: Currently the head wrestling coach for the Portugal freestyle wrestling team, Fontes in a multi-lingual student of the sport. Speaking Spanish, English, Portugese and some Bulgarian, Fontes delivers high-energy courses and as a qualified teacher of physical education is able to deliver comprehensive instructions to a variety of coaches. He is a qualified United World Wrestling Coach Educator.

Ethan LAKE (ASA)


Ethan LAKE (ASA) - Regional Development Officer - Oceania: Currently the Sports Commissioner for American Samoa, Lake has an important understanding of the challenges facing the Oceania Region. He has excellent administration skills and a passion for the sport of wrestling. Previous roles for Lake saw him develop youth apprenticeship and internship skills programs for the community and mentoring youth through career identification and planning. He is a qualified United World Wrestling Coach Educator.

The position of Regional Development Officer - Asia has yet to be filled. Interested parties should contact Director of Development, Lúcás Ó’Ceallacháin at [email protected].