Webinar with President Lalovic on May 11

By United World Wrestling Press

Dear UWW Bureau, Commissions, National Federations members,

Following the current global situation, now is the perfect opportunity for launching the first series of webinars dedicated to topics of current interest and related to the future of our sport in various areas of activities and departments.

We must make the best use of the digital communication platforms during these challenging times in order to update you on important topics and agendas. The webinars shall cover many areas such as the current global situation, the athletes’ _physical preparation, coaches, the Athena system, Arena and more.

The first webinar will take place on the 11th of May at 14:00 Central European time and will be open to all NFs, Bureau and Commission members, etc. I will update you on the effect the pandemic has, or may have, on the future of our sport, competition formats, traveling restrictions, etc.

The webinars are for UWW members with an official email account and the notifications shall be sent in the coming days with the log-in details.

Each session will provide you with insightful information carefully presented and will be overseen by a moderator, and your recommendations for areas of improvement will be taken into account for our sport to stay strong on the Olympic programme and us to endure as one united family.

For any further information, feel free to send your enquiry to

[email protected].

We thank you very much for your valuable contribution.


Beach Wrestling Webinar Schedule

By United World Wrestling Press

Different subjects will be covered during this webinar. The main objectives of this webinar will be the following :

  • Learning the competition system for beach wrestling
  • Knowing the ranking criteria within a group
  • Understanding the evaluation of technical actions
  • Explaining special situations

Topic: Beach Wrestling - English
Date:  Thursday, 8 October
Time:  14:00 - Zurich (UTC+2)
Speaker: Rui Marta and Stilianos Kanidis
Language:  English
Meeting Link: https://zoom.us/j/99093632254

Topic: Beach Wrestling - French
Date:  Friday, 9 October
Time:  10:00 - Zurich (UTC+2)
Speaker: Carlos Garcia
Language:  French
Meeting Link: https://zoom.us/j/91594618062

Topic: Beach Wrestling - Spanish
Date:  Friday, 9 October
Time:  18:00 - Zurich (UTC+2)
Speaker: Rui Marta and Carlos Garcia
Language:  Spanish
Meeting Link: https://zoom.us/j/93207589651