Webinar Schedule: Training Plans

By United World Wrestling Press

United World Wrestling will conduct its next round of coaching webinars on training plans starting Sept. 7. The webinars will be held every other week in four languages, English, French, Russian and Spanish. 

Webinar Schedule

Week 1 (Sept. 7-10):  Training Plans - Getting Started
Week 2 (Sept. 21-24): Training Plans - Risk Management
Week 3 (Oct. 5-8): Training Plans - Theoretical Framework
Week 4 (Oct. 19-22): Training Plans - Practice Plan Essentials
Week 5 (Nov. 2-5): Training Plans - Designing a Plan

Language Schedule

Monday:  English at 17:30 (Zurich)
Tuesday: French at 16:00 (Zurich)
Wednesday:  Russian TBD
Thursday:  Spanish at 00:00 (Zurich) 18:00 (Miami)