Weekly FIVE!

Weekly FIVE! February 19, 2018

By Eric Olanowski

Reviewing United World Wrestling's new documentary, the trio of Gray, Adar, and Weibe at the Klippan Lady Open. Also taking a look Susaki taking out Stadnik and Borrero Molina's insane five-point throw. 

1. Adeline Gray Proves She's Back!  

The Klippan Lady Open ended with a bang as three-time world champion Adeline GRAY (USA) closed out the tournament by picking up the come from behind win to defeat defending world champions Yasemin ADAR (TUR).

Gray trailed heading into the second period after Adar hit her with a beautiful four-point arm spin, taking the 4-2 lead. When asked about the arm-spin, Gray said “We practiced it in the warm-up. We knew she had a great arm-spin, so kudos to her for hitting it when it mattered.”

In the second period, Gray outscored Adar 7-2 to win the match 9-6 and reclaim her No. 1 spot in the United World Wrestling world rankings.

2. Sacrifice: Inside Cuba's Wrestling Powerhouse

What makes a wrestling nation strong? In Cuba, it's a combination of perseverance, strength ... and more than a little sacrifice. Watch, share and like with your friends! Help the world see the power of international wrestling.

3. Borrero Molina's Insane FIVE!

It's only mid-February, but when United World Wrestling releases our annual awards, we'll have a spot saved for 2016 Olympic champion Ismael BORRERO MOLINA's (CUB) five-point arm throw from the Granma Cup. 

Molina finished the Granma Cup with a 4-0 record and captured the 67kg gold medal. 

RESULTS: http://uww.io/iXuwz

4. Susaki Squeaks Out Win Over Stadnik 

Yui SUSAKI (JPN) kicked off the finals of the Klippan Open by defeating two-time world and Olympic silver medalist Mariya STADNIK (AZE), 2-1.

Susaki trailed nearly the entire match and did not take her first lead until Stadnik stepped out of bounds with15 seconds remaining in the match. This step out gave Susaki the 2-1 lead and eventually sealed her second Klippan Lady Open title in as many years. 

After the match, Susaki said “I was so excited after the match because it was my first win after my December loss. I knew this would be a one exchange match and I capitalized on that one exchange!”

5. Adar Scores Late, Knocks Off Olympic Champ Wiebe

In round one of the 2018 Klippan Lady Open, returning world champion Yasemin ADAR (TUR) used the go-ahead takedown with short time left to defeat 2016 Olympic champion, Eric Wiebe (CAN), 6-5.

Adar was placed on the shot clock in the first period as she was hit with her second passivity call. Unable to score, Wiebe took the lead on criteria heading into the second period.

In the second period, Adar picked up her first takedown of the match with one minute remaining. Wiebe then took the 5-3 lead after scoring four points off a snatch single to a leg lace. Adar struck with a last-second takedown, earing the 6-5 victory.

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