Weekly FIVE!

Weekly FIVE! January 21, 2019

By Eric Olanowski

In a Russia-heavy week, we review the Mindiashvili Grand Prix and Russian Greco-Roman National Championship results. We also review this week's first Ranking Series event of the year, the Ivan Yariguin. 

1. Final Yariguin Qualification Tournament, Mindiashvili Concludes in Krasnoyarsk 
In order to qualify for the Ivan Yariguin as a Russian wrestler, you had to be a 2018 world team member, an Alany Tournament champion or a Mindiashvili finalist. 

This weekend, the final qualification tournament for the Ivan Yariguin, the Mindiashvili Grand Prix, concluded in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, just three days before the first Ranking Series event begins in Siberia. The Mindiashvili finalists locked up their spot at the Yariguin and placed heavy importance on the Ranking Series event later this week, only wrestling four of the ten finals matches. The four matches that were wrestled  were the 61kg, 65kg, 74kg, and 86kg gold-medal bouts. 

Of the four finals matches, the most notable match came at 65kg. Nachyin KUULAR (RUS), the 2017 U23 world champion and 2018 U23 world runner-up, avenged his 2-1 loss Alay loss to Kurban SHIRAEV (RUS) and grabbed the Mindiashvili gold medal with a 3-2 victory. 

57kg – Aryian TYUTRIN df. Amirkhan GUVAZHOKOV, via forfeit 
61kg –  Eduard GRIGOREY df. DONGAK, 6-1 
65kg – Nachyin KUULAR df. Kurban SHIRAEV, 3-2 

70kg – Razambek ZHAMALOV df. Anzor ZAKUEV, via forfeit 
74kg – Nikita SUCHKOV df. Arslan BUDAZHAPOV, 5-3 
79kg – Alan ZASSEEV df. Khalil AMINOV, via forfeit 
86kg – Soslan KTSOEV df. Omar ZIYAUTDIOV, 10-0 
92kg – Alikhan ZHABRAILOV df. Magomed KURBANOV, via forfeit 
97kg – Magomedov df. Tamerlan RASUEV, via forfeit 
125kg – Pavel KRIVTSOV df. Zelimkhan KHIZRIEV, via forfeit 

2. Olympic Champions Vlasov and Chakvetadze win Russian Greco-Roman Nationals 
The Russian Federation wrapped up their 2019 Russian Greco-Roman National Championships in Kaliningrad, Russia, and the pair Olympic champions, Roman VLASOV and Davit CHAKVETADZE, inched closer to regaining their top position on the Russian Greco-Roman ladder after winning the 77kg and 87kg gold medals respectively. 

The six current Greco-Roman world champions, Sergey EMELIN, Stepan MARYANIAN, Artem SURKOV, Alexander CHEKHIRKIN, Musa EVLOEV, and Sergey SEMENOV, were exempt from the Russian Greco-Roman National Championships and will take on last weekend's winners at a later date for a trip to the 2019 World and European Championships. 

For Vlasov to regain the 77kg spot, he’ll have to defeat reigning world champion Alexander Chekhirkin, while 87kg didn’t have a world medalist, so Chakvetadze will represent Russia at the World and European Championship. 

Another interesting note coming out of the Greco-Roman National Championships, Alexander KOMAROV, the four-time age-level world champion, made his domestic debut on the senior-level and beat Vaah MARGARYAN, 8-1 in the 82kg gold-medal bout. 

55kg – Vitaly KABALOEV df. Victor VEDERNIKOV, 5-1 
60kg – Zambolat Lokyaev df. Dmitry Lyustrickski, 7-3
63kg – Marat GARIPOV df. Alexey TADYKIN, 10-3 
67kg -  Alexey KIANKIN df. Saur KABALOEV, 4-2 
72kg – Abuazid MANCIGOV df. Adam KURAK, 7-1 
77kg – Roman VLASOV df. Islam OPIEV, 8-0 
82kg – Alexander KOMAROV df. Vaah MARGARYAN, 8-1 
87kg – Davit CHAKVETADZE df. Sosruko KODZOKOV, via fall
97kg – Alexander GOLOVIN df. Nikita MELNIKOV, 1-1 
130kg – Vitaly SHCHUR df. Rafael Tsistuashvili, 2-0 

The first Ranking Series event of the year, the Ivan Yariguin, begins Thursday. (Photo: Max Rose-Fyne) 

3. Ivan Yariguin Begins Thursday 
The 30th Annual Ivan Yariguin, United World Wrestling's first freestyle and women's wrestling Ranking Series event of the year, begins this Thursday in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. 

This will be the first Ranking Series event where the revamped point structure will be used. This tournament is especially important because the seeding process at the 2019 Astana World Championships takes into account the number of points competitors accumulate from last year's World Championships, along with the Continental Championships and the Ranking Series events.  

2019 Ranking Series Point Structure
GOLD - 8 points  
SILVER - 6 points 
Fifth - 2 

*The number of points awarded at a competition will also be impacted by the number of wrestlers entered in each bracket. For weight categories with 10 or fewer entries, an additional six (6) points will be added. For categories with 11-20 wrestlers entered an additional eight (8) points will be added. Ten (10) points will be added to any weight category with more than 20 entries.

SCHEDULE (Local time) 

January 23 (Wednesday)

08.00 - Arrival of delegations
15.30 - Referees clinic
15.30 - Press conference with the Organizing Committee representatives, main referees body, team leaders and coaches
16.30 - Draw: Women: cat: 50,55,59,65 kg Men: cat: 57,61,70 kg

January 24 (Thursday)
08:30 - Medical examination and weigh-in cat: Women: 50,55,59,65 kg Men: 57,61,70 kg
11.00 - Elimination rounds cat: Women: 50,55,59,65 kg Men: 57,61,70 kg
16.00 - Draw cat: Women: 53,57,62,68 kg Men: 65,79,125kg
17.00 -1⁄2 finale cat: Women: 50,55,59,65 kg Men: 57,61,70 kg

January 25 (Friday)
08:15 - Weigh-in cat: Women: 50,55,59,65 kg Men: 57,61,70 kg
08:30 - Medical examination and weigh-in cat: Women: 53,57,62,68 kg Men: 65,79,125kg
11.00 - Elimination rounds and 1⁄2 finale cat: Women: 53,57,62,68 kg Men: 65,79,125kg  - Repechage cat: Women: 50,55,59,65 kg Men: 57,61,70 kg
16.30 - Draw cat: Women: 72,76 kg Men: 74,86,92,97 kg
16.00 - Opening ceremony
17.00 - Finals cat: Women: 50,55,59,65 kg Men: 57,61,70 kg

January 26 (Saturday)
08:15 - Weigh-in cat: Women: 53,57,62,68 kg Men: 65,79,125kg
08:30 - Medical examination and weigh-in cat: Women: 72,76 kg Men: 74,86,92,97 kg
11.00 - Elimination rounds and 1⁄2 finale cat: Women: 72,76 kg Men: 74,86,92,97 kg - Repechage cat: Women: 53,57,62,68 kg Men: 65,79,125kg
18.00 - Finals cat: Women: 53,57,62,68 kg Men: 65,79,125kg

January 27 (Sunday)
09:00 - Weigh-in cat: Women: 72,76 kg Men: 74,86,92,97 kg
11.00 - Repechage cat: Women: 72,76 kg Men: 74,86,92,97 kg
13.00 - Finals cat: Women: 72,76 kg Men: 74,86,92,97 kg

January 28 (Monday)
Until 12.00 - Departure of delegations 

China's 2018 world champion RONG Ningning kicked off her year by winning the Ivan Yariguin. (Photo: Gabor Martin) 

4. Yariguin Rewind: Chinese Women Claim Five Gold Medals
United World Wrestling's first Ranking Series event of 2019 kicks off in three days with the Ivan Yariguin Grand Prix. While women's wrestling was featured in 2018, it was not a Ranking Series event. Fast forward a year and the 2019 edition will see women's wrestlers competing for sought after ranking points. 

Four different nations claimed a women’s wrestling gold medal at last year’s Ivan Yariguin, but the Chinese women made the best of their trip to Krasnoyarsk and put seven wrestlers in the finals and finished with five champions. Of the five Chinese champions, Asian champion ZHOU Qian was the only Yariguin champion who didn’t represent China at the 2018 World Championships. 

Rising star RONG Ningning captained the Chinese success in Krasnoyarsk. The 2018 Ivan Yariguin was a coming out party for Rong, who was relatively unknown coming into last year’s tournament. Rong, the Yariguin rookie, kick-started her year by knocking off reigning world runner-up Allison RAGAN (USA), 10-0 in the 59kg gold-medal bout. She later dropped down to 57kg and continued her dominance, winning the Asian Championships, the China and Poland Opens, and the 2018 Budapest World Championships. In addition to her title-winning performances at the above-mentioned tournaments, Rong was also a U23 world runner-up and an Alexander Medved Prizes bronze medalist.

Japan, Mongolia, and the United States were the other nations who had at least one wrestler reach the top of the podium at the 2018 Ivan Yariguin. 

Japan, who had five finalists, grabbed gold medals from Yuki IRIE, Yu MIYAHARA, and Andoriahanako SAWA (JPN), while Mongolia's PUREVDORJ Orkhon and the United States' Tamyra MENSAH-STOCK gave their nation a solo gold medalist. 

With just four days left to register, Mensah-Stock is the only returning champion registered to wrestle in Krasnoyarsk, where she'll be looking for her third Ivan Yarigiun title.

50kg – Yuki IRIE (JPN) df. Sonhyang KIM (PRK), 9-8 
53kg – Yu MIYAHARA (JPN) df. Stalvira ORSHUSH (RUS), 4-4
55kg – Andoriahanako SAWA (JPN) df. Mengyu XIE (CHN), 10-8 
57kg – ZHANG Qi (CHN) df. Gantuya ENKHBAT (MGL), 6-4 
59kg – RONG Ningning (CHN) df. Allison Mackenzie RAGAN (USA), 10-0 
62kg – PUREVDORJ Orkhon (MGL) df. Kiwa SAKAE (JPN), 10-0
65kg – TANG Chuying (CHN) df. Yulia PRONTSEVITCH (RUS), 4-1 
68kg – Tamyra MENSAH-STOCK (USA) df. HAN Yue (CHN), 3-3 
72kg – WANG Juan (CHN) df. Masako FURUICHI (JPN), 4-1 
76kg – ZHOU Qian (CHN) df. Ekaterina BUKINA (RUS), via injury default 

David Taylor was one of three wrestlers to win the Ivan Yariguin and the World Championships. (Photo by Tony Rotundo) 

5. Yariguin Rewind: Six Yariguin Medalists Eventually Won Budapest World Titles
The 30th Annual Ivan Yariguin, United World Wrestling’s first Ranking Series event of the year, begins 8 days from today (on January 24),  in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Seven eventual world champions made the trip to Siberia twelve months ago to compete at the “Toughest Tournament in the World,“ but only six left with a medal.  

The seven Budapest gold medalists who competed at the 2018 Ivan Yariguin were Zaur UGUEV (RUS) (57kg), Yowles BONNE RODRIGUES (CUB) (61kg), Magomedrasul GAZIMAGOMEDOV (RUS) (70kg), Zaurbek SIDAKOV (RUS) (74kg), Kyle DAKE (USA) (79kg), David TAYLOR (USA) (86kg), and Abdulrashid SADULAEV (RUS) (97kg). 

Takuto OTOGURO (JPN) (65kg), J’den COX (USA) (92kg), and Geno PETRIASHVILI (GEO)(125kg) were the three world champions who missed last year's Yariguin. 

Uguev, Taylor, and Sadulaev were the only three wrestlers to win gold medals at both the Yariguin and World Championships. Uguev and Taylor won their Yariguin titles at their World Championship weights, while Sadualev won his Yariguin title at 92kg and his world title at 97kg.

Zaurbek Sidakov, Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov, and Kyle Dake were the trio of Yariguin silver medalists who traveled to Budapest and claimed world titles. 

On the flip side, Gadzhimurad Rashidov and Kyle Snyder won titles in Krasnoyarsk but fell short in the Budapest World Championship finals.

Cuba’s Yolwes Bonnes Rodrigues was the only 2018 world champion to depart the 2018 Yariguin empty-handed. It should be noted that Bonne competed at 65kg, 4kg heavier than his Budapest World Championship weight of 61kg. 

Bonne went 1-1 and lost to Mongolia’s BATCHULUUN Batmagnai, who fell to Ilias BEKBULATOV (RUS) and Nachyn KUULAR (RUS) and finished in fifth-place. 

Early registration for the 2019 Ivan Yariguin closed last week but has since reopened. The updated deadline for registrations is January 21.

57kg -  Zavur UGUEV (RUS) df. Azamat TUSKAEV (RUS), 4-1 
61kg - Gadzhimurad RASHIDOV (RUS)df. Ismail MUSUKAEV (RUS), 3-2 
65kg -  Ilias BEKBULATOV (RUS)df. Akhmed CHAKAEV (RUS), 3-3
70kg - Magomed KURBANALIEV (RUS)df. Magomedrasul GAZIMAGOMEDOV (RUS), 2 - 2
74kg - Khetik TSABOLOV (RUS)df. Zaurbek SIDAKOV (RUS), 3-1
79kg - Akhmed GADZHIMAGOMEDOV (RUS) df. Kyle DAKE (USA), 8-2
86kg - David TAYLOR III (USA) df. Fatih ERDIN (TUR), via fall. 
92kg - Abdulrashid SADULAEV (RUS) df. Anzor URISHEV (RUS), 6-0 
97kg - Kyle Frederick SNYDER (USA) df. Rasul Magomedovitch MAGOMEDOV (RUS), 4-1 
125kg - Muradin KUSHKHOV (RUS) df. Anzor Ruslanovitch KHIZRIEV (RUS), 1-1 

*2018 world champion are in bold.

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2. Yariguin Rewind: Akhmed GADZHIMAGOMEDOV (RUS) used a six-point opening-period and a second-period takedown to defeat eventual world champion Kyle DAKE (USA), 8-2 in the 79kg finals.
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5. Yariguin Rewind: In the All-Russian 74kg finals, 2017 world runner-up Khetik TSABOLOV (RUS) stopped eventual 74kg world champion @zaurbek_sidakov from winning his second Yariguin title. 

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Weekly FIVE!

Weekly FIVE! March 12, 2019

By Eric Olanowski

Reviewing Russia's updated World Cup roster and results from the U23 European Championships and the Dan Kolov. Also looking at the updated world rankings after the first two Ranking Series events, and United World Wrestling's Hanuman: Hindu God of Wrestling. 

1. World Cup Beings On Saturday
The 2019 Freestyle World Cup begins this Saturday in Yakutsk, Russia, and 
head freestyle coach Dzambolat TEDEEV announced that Russia's roster will now include three-time world and Olympic champion Abdulrashid SADULAEV (97kg). In addition to the inclusion of Sadulaev, two-time world runner-up Gadshimurad RASHIDOV (65kg) was also added to the updated roster. 

Also of note, reigning world champions Zaur UGUEV (57kg) and Magomedrasul GAZIMAGOMEDOV (70kg), and 2018 third-place finishers Akhmed CHAKAEV (65kg) and Akhmed GADZHIMAGOMEDOV (79kg) were excluded from Russia's World Cup rosters. 

The host nation will compete this weekend in Group A. For Russia to earn top-billing in 2019, the home side will need to win a Group A side which includes a resurgent Cuban team, Japan, and Turkey. 

The United States heads up Group B but faces steep competition from a Georgia squad rife with former world and Olympic champions, including two-time defending heavyweight world champion Geno PETRIASHVILLI. A young Iranian team and ever-improving Mongolia squad fill out Group B. 

Group A - RUS (1), CUB (4), JPN (5), TUR (8)
Group B - USA (2), GEO (3), IRI (6), MGL (7)

Russia’s Updated World Cup Roster
57kg - Muslim SADULAEV                   
57kg - Aryian TIUTRIN             
61kg - Zelimkhan ABAKAROV
61kg - Ramazan FERZALIEV                    
65kg - Gadshimurad RASHIDOV 
65kg - Viktor RASSADIN                        
70kg - David BAEV                  
70kg - Anzor ZAKUEV   
74kg - Zaurbek SIDAKOV                    
74kg - Timor BIZHOYEV        
79kg - Magomed RAMAZANOV          

79kg - Husej SUUNCEV
86kg - Vladislav VALIEV                      
86kg - Dauren KURUGLIEV                  
92kg - Magomed KURBANOV             
92kg - Alikhan ZHABRAILOV               
97kg - Abdulrashid SADULAEV                 
97kg - Vladislav BAITSAEV 
125kg - Zelimkhan KHIZRIYEV 
125kg - Pavel KRIVTSOV 

Unofficial Schedule 
March 16 (Saturday) 
08:30 - Medical examination and weigh in 
11:00 - First round matches 
16:00 - Opening ceremony 
16:30 - Second round matches

March 17 (Sunday) 
08:30 - Medical examination and weigh in 
11:00 - Third round matches  
13:30 - Fifth - sixth, seventh-eighth place matches 
15:15 - Third-fourth place match 
17:00 - Final, award ceremony

2. Russia Dominates U23 European Championships
Russia wrapped up the U23 European Championships in Novi Sad, Serbia, with the women’s wrestling and freestyle team titles, while also finishing in second place behind Georgia in the Greco-Roman competition. 

In total, the Russian Federation claimed an impressive 11 overall gold medals after putting 19 wrestlers into the championship match.

In freestyle, Russia had six champions, eight finalists, and finished 77 points ahead of second-place Turkey (132 points). Ukraine (110 points), Georgia (109 points), and Belarus (82 points) rounded out the top-5 respectively.

In women’s wrestling, Russia (180 points) narrowly edged Ukraine (168 points) by 12 points and won the team title. The difference in the team race came down to Russia’s six finalists to Ukraine five finalists. The other three teams who finished in the top-5 respectively were Turkey (118 points), Belarus (95 points), and Romania (85 points). 

In Greco-Roman, Georgia (178 points) won the team title, 11 points ahead of second-place Russia(167 points). Georgia closed out the Greco-Roman portion of the tournament with five of the ten gold medalists and only dropped one of their six gold-medal bouts. Turkey (141 points), Romania (78 points), and Ukraine (70 points) finished third through fifth respectively. 

Click here for full results 

3. China and the United States win Dan Kolov Team Titles 
The second freestyle and women’s wrestling Ranking Series event, the Dan Kolov, concluded last weekend in Ruse, Bulgaria, and the United States and China won the team titles.

The United States, on the backs of their pair of Olympic champions Jordan BURROUGHS and Kyle SNYDER, won the freestyle team title 32 points ahead of Russia, while China rode the coattail of their 2018 world champion RONG Ningning to the top of the women’s wrestling podium.

GOLD - United States (147 points)
SILVER - Russia (115 points)
BRONZE - Turkey(100 points)
Fourth - Ukraine (88 points)
Fifth - Georgia (80 points)

Final Results 
57kg - Beka BUJIASHVILI (GEO) df. Suleyman ATLI (TUR), 6-4
61kg - Nurislam SANAYEV (KAZ) df. Sandeep TOMAR (IND), 10-0
65kg - Bajrang BAJRANG (IND) vs. Jordan OLIVER (USA), 12-3
70kg - Ilias BEKBULATOV (RUS) df. Anzor ZAKUEV (RUS), 10-0
74kg - Jordan Ernest BURROUGHS (USA) df. Bekzod ABDURAKHMONOV (UZB), 4-3
79kg - Alexander DIERINGER (USA) df. Omaraskhab NAZHMUDINOV (ROU), 10-0
86kg - Hassan YAZDANICHARATI (IRI) df. Ali SHABANAU (BLR), 16-5 
92kg - Magomed KURBANOV (RUS) df. Irakli MTSITURI (GEO), 9-5
97kg - Kyle Frederick SNYDER (USA) df. Valerii ANDRIITSEV (UKR), 4-0 
125kg - Parviz HADI (IRI) df. Oleksandr KHOTSIANIVSKYI (UKR), 6-4 

Women’s Wrestling 
GOLD - China (112 points)
SILVER - Ukraine (92 points)
BRONZE - United States (77 points)
Fourth - Turkey (75 points)
Fifth - India (65 points)

Final Results 
50kg - Iwona Nina MATKOWSKA (POL) df. Erin Simone GOLSTON (USA), 4-1 
53kg - PANG Qianyu (CHN) df. Vinesh VINESH (IND), 9-2 
55kg - Maria PREVOLARAKI (GRE) df. Marina SEDNEVA (KAZ), 10-0
57kg - RONG Ningning (CHN) df. Grace Jacob BULLEN (NOR), via fall 
59kg - Pooja DHANDA (IND) (Round-robin winner) 
62kg - Yuliia TKACH OSTAPCHUK (UKR) df. Taybe YUSEIN (BUL), 4-2
65kg - Henna JOHANSSON (SWE) df. Sakshi MALIK (IND), 8-3
68kg - Tamyra Mariama MENSAH (USA) df. Bakhtigul BALTANIYAZOVA (UZB), 11-1 
76kg - Yasemin ADAR (TUR) df. Paliha PALIHA (CHN), via fall

Turkey's 2018 world runner-up Fatih Erdin (TUR) takes over the No. 1 spot in the latest world rankings after a runner-up finish at the Ivan Yariguin and a fifth-place finish at the Dan Kolov. (Photo: Sachiko Hotaka) 

4. New Updated Rankings Posted on United World Wrestling's Homepage 
The newest set of freestyle, Greco-Roman, and women’s wrestling rankings have been updated on United World Wrestling’s homepage. 

The freestyle and women's wrestling rankings take into account results from the 2018 World Championships, and the first two Ranking Series events, the Ivan Yariguin, and Dan Kolov. 

Freestyle and women's wrestlers will have their Continental Championships, and the final two Ranking Series events, the Sassari City Matteo Pellicone Memorial (May 24-25), and the Yasar Dogu (July 11-14), to earn points towards their seeding at the 2019 Astana World Championships. 

The Greco-Roman rankings take into account results from the 2018 World Championships, the Zagreb Open, and the Hungarian Grand Prix. Greco-Roman wrestlers will also have three opportunities to earn seeding points prior to the 2019 World Championships. In addition to the Continental Championships, the Sassari City Matteo Pellicone Memorial (May 24-25), and Oleg Karavaev (July 26-28) are the two remaining Greco-Roman Ranking Series events. 

5. United World Wrestling Releases Hanuman: Hindu God of Wrestling
Find out why the popular Hindu god Hanuman is so well respected by Indian wrestlers. You'll never guess which star Indian wrestler shares Hanuman's more common name!

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5. Razambek ZHAMALOV 🇷🇺 secures his place in the finals tomorrow with this win at 70KG. Разамбек Жамалов (Россия) данной победой в весе 70 кг забронировал себе место в завтрашнем финале. #uww #unitedworldwrestling #wrestling#WrestleNoviSad‬ #борьба #Новисад