Weekly FIVE!

Weekly FIVE! June 4, 2018

By Eric Olanowski

Reviewing the U23 European Championships and upcoming ranking series events. Also looking at USA's U23 World Team along with Russia's Cadet World Team. 

1. 2018 U23 European Championships Begins June 4
Europe's best wrestlers between the ages of 19 and 23 years old will prepare for the 2018 U23 World Championships by competing at the 2018 U23 European Championships which kick off June 4 in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Greco-Roman wrestling takes place Monday-Wednesday, followed by women's wrestling from Wednesday-Friday, and Freestyle closes out the tournament Friday-Sunday. 


2. Mongolia Open, Women's Ranking Event Starts This Weekend 
The second women's wrestling ranking series event of the year, the Mongolia Open (MGL)begins June 9-10 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 

Freestyle action will also take place on Saturday and Sunday, but ranking series points will only be award to those competing in the women's wrestling portion of the tournament. 

Saturday (Local time on June 9) 
10:30 AM Qualification round and repechage for FS - 57kg, 65kg,74kg,86kg,97kg and WW - 50kg, 55kg,59kg,65kg,72kg 

16:30 PM - Opening ceremony 
17:00 PM – Finals 

Sunday (Local time on June 10) 
10:30 AM - Qualification round and repechage FS - 61kg, 70kg, 79kg, 92kg,125kg and  WW - 53kg, 57kg, 62kg, 68kg, 76kg
15:30 PM – Finals 

China's Ningning RONG (CHN) enters the China Open as the second-ranked wrestler in the world (Photo by Max Rose-Fyne)

3. June's Upcoming Rankings Series Events 
Two ranking series events, the China Open and the Hungarian Grand Prix close out the month of June.

The China Open (CHN), which is the third women’s wrestling ranking event of the season begins June 22 in Taiyuan, China.

The third Greco-Roman ranking series event, the Hungarian GP (HUN) starts June 23 in Györ, Hungary. 

Points for all ranking series events will be awarded based on finish plus the number of competitors present in each weight category. Nations may only enter three athletes in any single weight class.

GOLD - 8 Points 
SILVER - 6 Points 
BRONZE - 4 Points 
Fifth - 2 Points 

2017 Junior World bronze medalist, Kollin MOORE (USA). (Photo by Marion Stein)

4. The United States Holds U23 World Team Trials 
The United States U23 World Team Trails wrapped up this past weekend, and three former world medalist claimed their sport for November's 2018 U23 World Championships in Bucharest, Romania. 

The three Americans who will wrestle for the second world medal are Vitali Arujau (2016 cadet silver medalist), Mitch McKee (2017 Junior World silver medalist) and Kollin Moore (2017 Junior World bronze medalist). 

USA's U23 World Team 
57kg - Jack MUELLER (USA)
61kg - Vitali ARUJAU (USA)
65kg - Mitch MCKEE (USA)  
70kg - Hayden HIDLAY (USA) 
74kg - Alex SMYTHE (USA) 
79kg - David MCFADDEN (USA)
86kg - Myles MARTIN (USA)
92kg - Michael MACCHIAVELLO (USA) 
97kg -  Kollin MOORE (USA) 
125kg - Youssif HEMIDA (USA)  

5. Russia Cadet World Team Set 
In preparation for the 2018 Cadet World Championships in Zagreb, Croatia, Russia held their Cadet Russian Nationals June 2-3 in Moscow, Russia. 


45kg - SAGDY  
48kg - ANDROSOV 
51kg - BAITAZOV 
55kg - KIZINOV 
60kg - MAMEDOV 
65kg - SHERIEV 
80kg - ELKANOV 
92kg - JIGKAEV 
110kg - KOZYREV 

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