Weekly FIVE!

Weekly FIVE! Yarygin, Takhti and Burroughs or Chamizo

By Eric Olanowski

What happened last week? 
74kg No. 1 Jordan BURROUGHS (USA) v. 70kg No . 1 Frank CHAMIZO (ITA) 

Are you interested in sparking an international wrestling debate? Start by challenging a two-time world champion to a match. That is, if you're willing to wrestle him, which Jordan BURROUGHS (USA) is willing to do. 

Burroughs took to twitter to say "I’m inspired to wrestle a super match/world #1 now. What do you say @ChamizoFrank ? Shall we?"

Chamizo quickly responded via Instagram by saying "Hey my friend @alliseeisgold are you sure you want this battle? Do you think you can handle my defense? ?? I think it would be a great battle. ??????.."  

Burroughs then posted a photo of the two with the caption "who ya got?" 

After seeing the social media exchange, and if the match happens, "who ya got?" 

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“Who ya got?” [email protected] 📸: @geoffriccio

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What's New Around The Wrestling World? 
In order to promote more active and offensive, United World Wrestling announced rule modifications to Greco-Roman wrestling. 

The recently announced rule modifications that went into effect on January 1, 2018 were updated with hopes to discontinue "negative wrestling, which includes things such as blocking, pushing, and interlocking fingers." 

Looking Forward To This Week
Two of United World Wrestling’s major ranking series events begin later this week. The Ivan Yarygin starts Friday in Krasnoarsk, Russia, and the Takhti Cup begins Thursday in Mahshahr, Iran.

The top five finishers for non-continental or world championship rankings series tournaments will be award eight points for first place, six points for second place, four points for third place and two points for fifth place.

The Ivan Yarygin, which is widely regarded as the toughest freestyle tournament in the world is the first of the four freestyle specialty ranking tournaments. The additional specialty tournaments include the Tbilisi GP (GEO), South Africa Open (RSA) and the Medved (BLR)

Friday, January 26:

Women's wrestling: 50kg, 55kg, 59kg and 65 kg.
Freestyle: 57kg, 61kg and 70kg

Saturday, January 27:
Women's wrestling: 53kg, 57kg, 62kg and  68 kg. 
Freestyle: 65kg,79kg and 125kg

Sunday, January 28:
Women's wrestling: 72kg and 76kg.
Freestyle:  74kg, 86kg, 92kg and 97kg

Mahshahr, Iran will host the 38th annual Takhti Cup, which is the first Greco-Roman specialty ranking tournament of the year. The other three tournaments are the Granma y Cerro Pelado (CUB)Hungarian GP (HUN) and Vehbi Emre (TUR)

Thursday, January 25:
Qualification rounds until semi-finals for all weight categories. 

Friday, January 26: 
Repechage and final matches.