Wrestling Delivers First-Ever Level 2 Coaches Course

By United World Wrestling Press

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom (September 25) – United World Wrestling delivered its first-ever Level 2 Coaching Course last week to a group of coaches in England.

The participants were asked to design and teach skill progression on the 7 Basic Skills of Wrestling, as well as design developing practice sessions on the four training phases. Overall the course included more than 40 hours of instruction and practical assessment.

“There was 40+ hours of instruction and practical assessments,” “The course was very interactive, and the participants had to design and deliver material to the other participants,” said UWW education manager Zach Errett. “The hands-on model increased the group’s collaboration and led to a very dynamic environment.”

Coaches also analyzed a video of one wrestler and evaluate strengths and areas of improvement for their wrestler, and the opponent. Following the video, coaches were asked to deliver a training session that would address the areas of improvement noted in the video.

The course was aimed at coaches living in the United Kingdom, an area still working to develop several basics for their wrestlers.

“I thought the coaches that attended did a phenomenal job throughout the week,’ said Errett. “They came with a great attitude and effort each day.”