Wrestling Federation of India Hosts Succesful Level 1 Coaching Course

By Tim Foley

The Wrestling Federation of India, in cooperation with United World Wrestling, last week organized an official Level 1 Coaching Course at the Northern Regional Centre Sonipat in Haryana, India.

The 8-day course attracted more than 80 coaches from across India and was delivered by Regional Development Officer for Asia Andrey VORONTSOV(UKR) and UWW Educator Batbayar BUYANDELGER (MGL).

The Level 1 Coaching Course teaches coaches of all levels the essential skills necessary to sharpen their skillset and provides tools for them to develop their wrestling programs efficiently. The course is also interactive, giving attending coaches the chance to practice sharpening classroom skills on the mats.

The Wrestling Federation of India expressed its ongoing support of United World Wrestling’s GROW WRESTLING initiatives and mentioned their desire to cooperate in other projects related to development of wrestling in South Asia and across India.