Brand Resources & Guidelines

Naming Etiquette

  • Use the name “United World Wrestling” when referring to the international federation
  • If the name is to be shorten, it should be referred to as the acronym form "UWW" or “World Wrestling.” The shortened versions of the name are only applicable after a prior use of the full version. The shortened versions should never be used as part of a title or the first mention of the federation in an article, report or document.



Color Palette

Logo Usage


When utilizing the United World Wrestling logo:

  • Provide space around the logo to ensure a clean look 
  • On white or light-colored backgrounds only use the 'navy blue box' logo  
  • On dark-colored backgrounds only use the 'white box' version of the log
  • If you are unable to use the correct color combination due to technical limitations, use the black and white format
  • Always link the logo to
Do Not
  • Use the United World Wrestling brand in a way that implies sponsorship or endorsement
  • Combine your name with the United World Wrestling logo
  • Use any icons, images or trademarks other than what is found on this brand resource platform
  • Feature United World Wrestling on materials associated with inappropriate or illegal activities
  • Use the trademarks, logos for commercial purposes or to print merchandise for distribution, such as premiums or promotional giveaways.

If you may have any questions regarding usage of the United World Wrestling logo please feel free to contact Brand Support.