Overview of the Department structure and programs

The Technical Assistance and Development Commission comprised the following members:

  • President
  • Secretary General
  • Continental Presidents

Meets annually to review the development and education programs with the aim to approve the assistance in favor of the national federations through a series of educational and development programs. The Development Department is responsible in implementing and assisting the national federations in good legal and financial standing to benefit from these programs with the aim to develop wrestling worldwide.

The Development Department is composed of administrators and project managers along with highly knowledgeable wrestling experts to develop, conduct and implement wrestling development worldwide.

Together with the Continental Councils, UWW revenues are allocated towards these programs in favor of the national federations with the greatest needs in good financial and legal standing.
United World Wrestling provides annual funding and in-kind support to contribute to global wrestling development at national level. These funds could be acquired through the following programs:
Development Programs 
•    Athletes: scholarships, training camps, and education
•    Coaches: training and education
•    Referees: training, scholarships and educations programs
•    Management: administration and educational workshops/courses
•    Participation and Grassroots Programs
•    Women and Sport
Technical Assistance
•    Technical support for competitions
•    Training equipment and supplies
High Performance Training Centres
Through key working relationships with the International Olympic Committee, Olympic Solidarity, CONFEJES, AIJF, OlympAfrica and others, UWW Technical Assistance and Development Commission and Department, is committed to provide to all the national federations. 

Development Team and Staff Directory 

Led by Ms. Deqa Niamkey, UWW Development Director, the United World Wrestling Development team is composed of 5 development staff, 4 consultant coaches, and 57 mission-based educators.

Athletes are at the heart of the UWW development programs, and the Development Department is at the service of the UWW members and national federations. The Department works closely with the UWW Commissions to develop and implement educational, technical and training programmes on a global scale, which are tailor-made based on the needs and requirements of each continent, region and country to pursue wrestling growth

Deqa Niamkey
Deqa, NIAMKEY, UWW Development Director
Based in the headquarters, Corsier-sur-Vevey Switzerland
Lei Liang

Lei LIANG, UWW Development Manager

Email: [email protected]

Based in the headquarters, Corsier-sur-Vevey Switzerland

Vincent Aka
Vincent AKA, UWW Development Officer
Based in Ivory Coast
Yuri Maier


Yuri MAIER, UWW Sports and Development Officer

Email: [email protected]

Based in Argentina

Zach Errett


Zach ERRETT, UWW Education Manager

Email: [email protected]

Based in the USA


UWW Development Department Consultant Coaches

The consultant coaches resides at the UWW High Performance Training Centers, and work with athletes training in the center on daily basis. 


Alexis Rodriguez (CUB), Freestyle Coach

Based in the El Jadida, Morocco 

Ivan Tsochev (BUL), Freestyle Coach

Based in the European wrestling centre UWW/CELA in Sofia, Bulgaria




Juan Maren Delis (CUB), Greco-Roman Coach



Maksim Molonov (RUS), Women's Wrestling and Freestyle Coach

Based in the Kuortane Olympic Training Center, Finland

UWW Certified Educators (2020)

All listed educators are endorsed by their respective national federations and continental councils, and have successfully passed the UWW Educator Courses. They are the main workforce helps deliver the UWW educational and training courses for coaches and referees.