Overview of the Department structure and programs

The Development Department is responsible for providing support to national federations through a number of programs. Each Continental Council is assigned a Regional Development Officer to assist with delivery of these programs. There is an additional Development Officer specifically for Training and Education. Together with the Continental Councils resources are allocated towards these programs for those countries who need assistance most.


United World Wrestling provides annual funding to support global wrestling development at national level. These funds could be acquired through the following programs:


Development Programs

  • Athletes: scholarships, training camps, and education
  • Coaches: training and education
  • Referees: education
  • Management: best practice training courses for National Federations
  • Participation and Grassroots Programs
  • Women and Sport


Technical Assistance

  • Technical support for competitions
  • Training equipment and supplies


High Performance Training Centres


Through key working relationships with the International Olympic Committee, Olympic Solidarity, CONFEJES, AIJF, OlympAfrica and others we endeavour to provide wrestling opportunities for all around the world.