Participation Programme

Sports for All / Participation Programme

This is about promoting wrestling at grassroot level and providing through wrestling educational tools that stimulate cognitive development and social behaviour and foster integration.

Funding for Grassroot Level Wrestling Projects

United World Wrestling supports Grassroot Level Wrestling Development Programmes around the world.

Limited funds are available for projects that best fit development needs. A maximum of CHF 10’000.- can be allocated to an approved project. Only the projects sanctioned by UWW-affiliated National Federations are taken into account.

National Federations submit the following documents to UWW's Development Department : 

Once the project has been approved, the following additional documents may be required within the set period of time :

  • Progress report
  • National Federation report of all incurred and justified expenditure.

Following approval, UWW transfers a 50% advance of the total budget allocated to the Federation for its project ; the remaining 50% are transferred following reception of the Progress report.

Each completed candidacy will be thoroughly evaluated according to its qualities proper. Once launched, UWW will closely monitor the development of the project.

To discuss your project and gather information about the help that UWW may provide, do not hesitate to contact [email protected] 

UWW's Grassroot Development Fund supported the Põltsamaa Training Camp in Estonia.

Johanna Kikkas, Member of the Estonian Wrestling Federation and Epp Mäe, Nr.1  Estonian Wrestler, had identified the need for a quality training camp for girls. Mr Kikkas and the Estonian Federation applied for candidacy and obtained support from UWW's Grassroot Development Fund. The camp since takes place every year in October.