Participation programs

Sport for All/Participation Programs

Promote the sport of wrestling at grassroots level, provide educational tools through wrestling which foster cognitive development, teaches social behaviour and helps to integrate communities.

Funding for Wrestling Grassroots Projects

United World Wrestling supports Grassroots wrestling development programs worldwide

Max. 10’000CHF is awarded to the approved project. Limited funding is available to the projects best met the development needs. Merits based selection process. Submitting all required documents does not guarantee the approval of this support. Only projects endorsed by United World Wrestling affiliated national federations will be accepted.

How to apply this fund?

National Federation needs to provide UWW Development Department the following:

Once the project is approved, the following documents may also need to be submitted within the agreed deadline:

  • Intermediate report/review
  • NF must submit the actual spending with proven evidence

Upon approval, UWW will send an advance of 50% of the total budget allocated to the national federation for their desired project/plan; the remaining 50% will be sent after the intermediate report of the project.

Each application with complete dossier will be carefully assessed based on its merits. UWW will closely monitor the progress of the project once activated.

To discuss your project and how United World Wrestling can help please contact [email protected] 

UWW Grassroots Development Fund supported the wrestling training camp in Põltsamaa, Estonia

Estonian Wrestling Federation board member Johanna Kikkas together with Epp Mäe, Estonian number one female wrestler identified the needs of quality training camps for girls. In 2017, Johanna and Estonia Wrestling Federation has applied and successfully received the UWW Grassroots Development Fund. They have successfully organised wrestling training camp for girls in the city of Põltsamaa, Estonia. This camp is going to be organised every year in October.