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Athlete Learning Gateway

A brief description of the Athlete Learning Gateway
The International Olympic Committee invites you to learn from the best in world sport. The Athlete Learning Gateway is an exciting way to study while training and competing.

Who is eligible for this program?
It is a free online resource for elite athletes, their coaches and those around them. 

How athletes can benefit from this program?
Athletes and coaches can benefit from access to 16 short academic courses led by world renowned academics, interviews with Olympic champions and articles on a wide range of subjects connected to sport.

Take a look at some of the most popular courses below…

What foods should you eat before, during and after training?
Explore the fundamentals of nutrition for athletes, and the impact diet can have on training and competition. Take our course titled ‘Smarter eating for better performance’ and get tips from leading academics and Olympic champions about putting together your winning diet.
Do you want to gain a competitive edge over your opponents?
Being an elite sportsperson, your body is your greatest asset. To be successful you need to understand how your body works in order to maximise your performance. Take our ‘Faster, higher, stronger’ course and create your own high performance training plan.
Ever wondered what an Olympic champion is thinking before a major event?
An athlete’s mind prior to competition has a major influence on the final outcome. Find out how Lindsey Vonn, the most successful women’s downhill skier, prepares for a race and learn how to manage your emotions: ‘Sports psychology – The winning mindset’.

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