Khizriev Upsets Akgul, Russia Wins Four Golds on Day Three

By Eric Olanowski

KRASNOYARSK, Russia (January 26) - Akhmed CHAKAEV (RUS), Anzhela FOMENKO (RUS), Akhmed GADZHIMAGOMEDOV (RUS), and Anzor KHIZRIEV (RUS) won gold medals on the third day of competition at the Ivan Yariguin, bringing Russia’s freestyle and women’s wrestling gold medal total to nine.

Akhmed Chakaev, the two-time world bronze medalist, held off Nachyn KUULAR (RUS), 2-1, in a relatively slow-paced 65kg gold-medal bout,  handing Russia their first freestyle gold medal of the day.

Chakaev significantly slowed the pace of the match down with his underhook and paid the price for doing so, getting dinged for an inactivity point in the opening period to trail 1-0. But it was Chakaev who carried the 2-1 lead into the closing period after scoring on a hip lift from Kuular’s high crotch attempt. 

The second period remained scoreless until Kuular snuck behind Chakaev and threw him for four-points shortly after the clock hit zero. The points were award to Kuular and he led 5-2, but Chakaev and his corner were adamant that the time had expired before Kuular scored the four points. After a referees review, it was obvious that Chakaev’s right foot was in bounds as time expired, giving world-class Chechen the 2-1 victory and his second Yariguin title in the past three years. 

Akhmed Gadzhimagomedov won the 79kg round-robin tournament, avenging his first round loss to Magomed RAMAZANOV (RUS). 

Gadzhimagomedov dumped Ramazanov to his back for four-points and extended his lead to 6-1 with a first period high crotch. Gadzhimagomedov ultimately defeated Ramazanov 6-2 to reach the top of the Yariguin podium for the fourth time.

Anzor Khizriev, Russia’s third freestyle champion of the day, scored a pair of crotch lifts in the second period and knocked off two-time world and Rio Olympic champion Taha AKGUL (TUR), 7-3, in the 125kg gold-medal match.

Anzhela Fomenko won the fourth and final Russian gold medal of the day, picking up an injury default win over Anna SHCHERBAKOVA (RUS) in the 68kg women's wrestling gold-medal match.  

Mongolia, led by 2015 world champion SORONZONBOLD Battsetseg, won a pair of gold medals on the third day of action in Krasnoyarsk.

Soronzonbold only needed 31 seconds to grab the fall over fellow Mongolian Davaanasan ENKH AMAR (MGL) in the 68kg title bout, landing the world champion her second overall Yariguin gold medal, and first since 2015. 

SUKHEE Tserenchimed (MGL) was the second Mongolian wrestler who won a gold medal on the third day of competition. Sukhee capped off her path to a Yariguin title with a 10-5 win over Olga KHOROSHAVTSEVA (RUS). In addition to her finals wins over Khoroshavtseva, Sukee also scored wins against U23 world champion Grece BULLEN (NOR) and 2017 world bronze medalist Becka LEATHERS (USA). 

The United States’ Sarah HILDEBRANDT (USA) claimed the final women’s wrestling gold medal to close out the third day of wrestling when she scored a 6-4 come-from-behind win over Natalia MALYSHEVA (RUS) in the 53kg finals.

Hildebrandt, the 2018 world runner-up, fired off a shot on the sound of the opening whistle and locked up the 2-0 advantage.

The American carried the 2-0 lead into the final frame, but her Russian opponent stole the 2-2 criteria advantage with an early second period takedown. The Russian extended her lead to 4-2, shucking-by the American and scoring her second takedown of the period. 

In the closing minute, Hildebrandt tied the match at four-all and grabbed the lead on criteria after she stopped a gut wrench attempt and planted Malysheva on her back. The Russian fought off her back and the Hildebrandt scored two additional exposures points before time expired to become the seventh American female to win a Yariguin title.

The Ivan Yariguin wraps up tomorrow morning with the four freestyle and two women’s wrestling finals. 



GOLD - Akhmed CHAKAEV (RUS) df. Nachyn KUULAR (RUS), 2-1 
BRONZE - Gadzhimurad RASHIDOV (RUS) df. Cristian Damian SOLENZAL LOPEZ (CUB), 2-1 
BRONZE - Batmagnai BATCHULUUN (MGL) df. Tulga TUMUR OCHIR (MGL), 4-2 

BRONZE - Alexander David DIERINGER (USA) df. Alan ZASEEV (RUS), via inj. def. 

GOLD - Anzor KHIZRIEV (RUS) df. Taha AKGUL (TUR), 7-4 
BRONZE -  Zelimkhan KHIZRIEV (RUS) df. Zhiwei DENG (CHN), 9-7 

Women’s Wrestling 

GOLD - Sarah Ann HILDEBRANDT (USA) df. Natalia MALYSHEVA (RUS), 6-4 
BRONZE - Leila KARYMOVA (RUS) df. Haley Ruth AUGELLO (USA), via inj. def.
BRONZE - Sumiya ERDENECHIMEG (MGL) df. Ekaterina POLESHCHUK (RUS), 11-6 

GOLD - Tserenchimed SUKHEE (MGL) df. Olga KHOROSHAVTSEVA (RUS), 
BRONZE - Bilyana Zhivkova DUDOVA (BUL) df. Khongorzul BOLDSAIKHAN (MGL), 13-9
BRONZE - Grace Jacob BULLEN (NOR) df. Becka Anne LEATHERS (USA), via inj. def. 

GOLD - Anzhela FOMENKO (RUS) df. Anna SHCHERBAKOVA (RUS), via inj. def. 

GOLD - SORONZONBOLD Battsetseg (MGL) df. ENKH AMAR Davaanasan (MGL), via fall. 
BRONZE - Delgermaa ENKHSAIKHAN (MGL)df.  Rio WATARI (JPN), 4-3 


À voir : les dix meilleurs combats du Yariguin

By Eric Olanowski

Quantité de combats ont rempli les quatre jours de lutte du premier événement de série de classement de l'année, le Grand Prix Ivan Yariguin, et nous avons compilé les dix rencontres les plus intenses et les plus commentées. 

1. Lutte Libre 74kg FINALE - Le champion du monde en titre Zaurbek SIDAKOV (RUS) affrontait le double médaillé mondial Yakup GOR (TUR) en finale des 74kg. Victoire par 5-4 pour Sidakov.

2. Lutte Féminine 72kg FINALE -  Tamyra MENSAH (USA) vainc Yuka KAGAMI (JPN) et devient la première lutteuse américaine, tous styles confondus, à remporter trois titres du Yariguin. 

3. Lutte Libre 125kg FINALE - Anzor KHIZRIEV (RUS) barre la route de son premier titre du Yariguin au double champion du monde et champion olympique Taha AKGUL (TUR). 

4. Lutte Libre 97kg Qualifications - Rasul MAGOMEDOV (RUS) assomme le double champion du monde et champion olympique de Rio Kyle SNYDER (USA) lors du premier tour. 

5. Lutte Féminine 68kg Qualifications - Khanum VELIEVA (RUS), quadruple championne du monde cadet/junior, prend sa revanche sur la première championne du monde cubaine Yudari SANCHEZ RODRIGUES (CUB) au premier tour. Cette rencontre rappelle celle du championnat du monde des U23 - Rodrigues l'avait emporté sur Velieva 5-0. 

6. Lutte Libre 65kg Demi-Finale  - Akhmed CHAKAEV (RUS), double médaillé mondial de bronze, atteint la finale grâce à une victoire sur son compatriote Gadzhimurad RASHIDOV (RUS), double médaillé mondial d'argent. C'est le second tournoi de Rashidov en 65kg, plutôt habitué à concourir avec les 61kg, et qui espère rester dans sa nouvelle catégorie. 

7.  Lutte Féminine 57kg Demi-Finale - SUKHEE Tserenchimed (MGL) arrête la championne du monde des U23 Grace BULLEN (NOR) et passe en finale. 

8. Lutte Libre 125kg Demi-Finale - Taha Akgul maîtrise la dauphine du championnat du monde 2018 Zhiwei DENG (CHN) et atteint une finale du Yariguin pour la première fois de sa carrière.

 9. Lutte Libre 79kg Qualifications - Magomed RAMAZANOV (RUS) met un frein aux ambitions du médaillé mondial de bronze 2018 Ahmed GADZHIMAGOMEDOV (RUS) lors du premier tour ; Ramazanov perdra à son tour et face à Gadzhimagomedov lors des finales du tournoi à la nordique de la catégorie. 

10. Lutte Féminine 68kg Quarts de Finale - ENKH AMAR Davaanasan (MGL) remporte une énorme victoire sur la quatre fois championne du monde cadet/junior et Lutteuse Junior UWW de l'Année Khanum Velieva lors des demi-finales. Elle prendra finalement la médaille d'argent de la catégorie.