Accident/illness' insurance & Emergency


In the event of an accident or illness during a trip abroad to a competition published in the UWW calendar, our Athletes (Cadet, Junior, Senior, Veteran), Referees and Coaches holding a valid license of the year are insured by IMSSA Insurance abroad. U15 category (formerly Schoolboys & Schoolgirls) are insured for free by UWW for competitions published in the UWW Calendar, but their license does not need to be purchased.

When the licensee returns to his home country, IMSSA may intervene in a subsidiary capacity, that means that IMSSA may settle the medical expenses that are not borne by the licensee's local insurance. So Licensees should have an insurance that covers their medical expenses in their country further to a medical problem which took place abroad.  See full details of the risks insured by IMSSA

IMSSA does not cover the medical expenses of a licensee during a competition which takes place in the home country of the licensee. So Licensees should have a local insurance that covers their medical expenses in their country.

This applies to all Olympic and Associated UWW Wrestling styles.

What is the responsibility of the National Federation (Coach, Doctor, Athlete) ?

For emergency case

  • call the IMSSA alarm center immediately at +41 26 921 8001. IMSSA will organise the transportation to the appropriate hospital and/or repatriation, and will take charge of the case and transmit all necessary information for the medical follow-up and financial coverage. The payment will be made by IMSSA directly to the hospital and/or treating Physicians.
  • inform UWW asap
  • The National Federation must complete within 48 hours the online declaration available on IMSSA’s website (see below) and join (scan) signed medical documents.

For cases of less importance (ambulatory case) and without hospitalization of one or more days

  • inform and send the patient’s passport copy to [email protected] immediately
  • the National Federation must complete within 48 hours the online declaration on IMSSA’s website and join (scan) all signed medical documents prepared by the Doctor of the competition and/or treating Physicians.

Medical expenses must be settled by the team of the National Federation’s licensee on site. Reimbursement will then be made by IMSSA, so the Federation must indicate in the online declaration the beneficiary’s full bank details.

Without any signed Medical Certificate and completed online declaration, IMSSA will not consider the claim. Also, when license holders return home, IMSSA may intervene in a subsidiary capacity. 

How to complete IMSSA online declaration ?

  • log in on IMSSA’s website
  • enter your user name which is UWW
  • enter your password which is 22AYCA094011 and follow the instructions. 

These information are mentioned on the back of the license cards.

Here is our Tuto if necessary uww_guideline.en_.pdf

If you have any question, you can contact IMSSA Insurance ([email protected])