Disciplinary & Ethics

The following decisions have been rendered by the Disciplinary Chamber in accordance with the UWW Disciplinary Procedure & Dispute Resolution Regulations for violations of the UWW rules and regulations.

The Chamber is composed of 6 members and a Chairman appointed by the UWW Bureau. It is appealed to render decisions on violations to the UWW rules and regulations by any member of the Federation (officials, athletes, coaches, National Federations, referees, Bureau members, etc.) as well as any breach to the UWW Code of Ethics.

Potential violations shall be reported to the Federation Secretary General who shall collect the available information and promptly refer the matter to the Chairman of the Chamber. The Chairman of the Chamber may also commence proceedings ex-officio or upon a complaint of an infringement brought directly to his/her attention (by any member of the Federation, other institutions such as the IOC or the general public such as fans, whistleblowers, etc.).

For each proceeding, the matter can handled by a sole member or by a panel of three members. 

The UWW disciplinary regulations provide for complaints procedures and appeals to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) against decisions rendered by the Chamber.

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