Principal obligations of the organiser

The main obligations of the organisers of a United World Wrestling event are summarised below. They are further outlined in the hosting contract specific to each event.

Financial obligations

  • Hosting fee
    The organiser will pay a hosting fee, payable in four instalments with the first instalment payable upon allocation and the last instalment after conclusion of the event. The World Cups and the Golden Grand Prix are not subject to any hosting fee, requiring the payment of prize money instead.
  • Inspection visits (2- 3 per event)
    Travel (business class) and accommodation for 1 to 3 delegates of United World Wresting shall be paid by the organiser.
  • Travel
    The organiser will cover travel expenses for up to 10 officials of United World Wrestling to attend the event, including transport costs, airport taxes, visa fees and local transport costs.
  • Accommodation
    The organiser will cover accommodation and board for the following officials from 2 days before the beginning of the event until the day following the conclusion of the event:
    • United World Wrestling President 
    • United World Wrestling Secretary General
    • 22 Members of the United World Wrestling Bureau 
    • 2 Refereeing delegates* 
    • 2 Technical delegates 
    • 1 United World Wrestling delegated doctor
    • Members of United World Wrestling Staff (ex: video/database, technical secretariat, photographer, TV responsible, press officer)

      * If referees’ course are organized before the event, these delegates could arrive earlier (up to 4 days before the event)
  • Representation fees 
    The organiser will cover representation fees to the technical delegates, assigned referees and selected officials. The fee per day is CHF 100,- or equivalent in convertible local currency per day, and payable in cash on the spot. Representation fees are due from 48 hours before the competition to 24 hours after the competition.

Organisational obligations

  • Entry formalities to the country of the host city
    The organiser has the obligation to issue invitation letters for visa applications and coordinate visa issuance with the relevant public authority.
  • Availability of facilities and equipment
    The organiser has the obligation to ensure the availability of the offered facilities and equipment by means of a guarantee from the owner.
  • Marketing
    The organiser shall commit to market the event in the most optimal way and to maximize the financial resources in order to achieve the United World Wrestling’s objectives.
  • Transport
    The organiser has the obligation to make transport facilities available to officials and participants between the station, airports and accommodation sites as well as between competition, training and accommodation sites.
  • Anti-Doping Control
    The organiser must take all the steps necessary to ensure that the anti-doping tests can take place and guarantee that the samples will be analysed by a laboratory which is WADA/IOC accredited. If United World Wrestling requires additional doping tests, United World Wrestling will cover the cost of these additional tests.
  • Meetings
    The organiser will have to ensure sufficient facilities are available to host a variety of United World Wrestling meetings, such as Commission meetings, Bureau meetings and the Congress (only at the Senior World Championship in even years).
  • Staff and material
    The local organiser of a Senior World Championship acts under the orders of United World Wrestling and will be fully responsible for the correct preparation of the event, including all the necessary conditions for staff and material.
  • Insurance
    The organiser must make all the necessary guarantees concerning insurance for civil liability coverage during the whole duration of the Championship in addition to 48 hours beforehand and 24 hours afterwards.

Public sector guarantees

The financial and organisational obligations of the organiser must be guaranteed in full by the appropriate local, regional or national Public Sector entity. The specific obligations include guarantees regarding: 

  • Utilities and public services
  • Import and export of goods
  • Entry visa and work permits

Important: with regard to entry visa, the interested city must provide during the bid process a guarantee from its national government that entry visas for all team delegations, United World Wrestling officials, National Federation officials, United World Wrestling partners, media representatives and any other party working or participating in the event, will be unconditionally issued regardless of nationality, race or creed. Entry visas must be valid for 30 days and must be available 30 days before the event date.