Nenad Lalovic, a businessman from Belgrade, Serbia, is the seventh president of United World Wrestling, formerly known as FILA, the international federation of wrestling.

Nenad Lalovic was elected to serve the remaining two-year term to fill the presidency after the resignation of FILA President Raphael Martintti at a special Congress in Moscow on May 18, 2013. He was re-elected for a full six-year term at the Congress in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Sept. 7, 2014. 

The 60-year old Lalovic joined the FILA Bureau in 2006 and was re-elected in 2012. He’s the former president of the Serbian Wrestling Federation and served on the Bureaus of CELA, the European Wrestling Federation, and the Serbian Olympic Committee.

Nenad Lalovic was a key figure in Serbian sports after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.  After the war, his son Milos started to wrestle at a local club and he became involved with the small club as well as the national federation. He became president of the Serbian Wrestling Federation a year later and helped shape the new nation’s sports history.

When he became president, the nation’s top wrestlers worked out in the secretary-general’s small apartment that served as national office and a gym. From that small start, Nenad Lalovic helped transform the organization into a professional federation with new offices and an infrastructure and it began organizing international competitions that laid the ground work for building international respect. The Junior European Championships of Greco Roman were held in Subotica, Serbia, in 2002 and the Senior Championships were held in 2003 in Belgrade. Serbia won medals in both competitions, its first medals in the sport for the new country.

He was then chosen by CELA to be in charge of the European Cup team competitions. A year later, in 2004, he was named to the CELA Bureau at its Congress. In 2006 at the world championships in Guangzhou, China, he was elected to the FILA Bureau.  In 2012 in London, he was re-elected to the Bureau in the first round.  He has served as  a member of FILA’s Legal and Ethics Committee .

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1958, Nenad Lalovic traveled the world with his father Milos, who served as Yugoslavian Ambassador to Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Belgium and Switzerland.  He attended primary school in Tunisia, Yugoslavia and Belgium and finished high school in Geneva.

While attending college in Belgrade, Nenad Lalovic began a successful business career with a French travel agency in Dubrovnik and Paris. He earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Novi Sad.

He returned to Belgrade and began his own businesses, a restaurant, a tennis club and started production of natural shampoo. In 1995 he joined a construction company that operated in Russia until 2012. He’s also the importer of Suzuki cars and motorcycles for Serbia.

Nenad Lalovic and his wife Alexandra were married in 1986.  She was a professor at the Serbian National Academy in music and piano and she graduated from the academy as a teenager after being admitted as a 16-year-old.  She taught at a school for talented young musicians in Cuprita, Serbia, for 15 years before accepting a position with the Serbian National Academy. 

They have a son Milos and a daughter Nina. Milos runs the family shampoo company  and owns a company that specialises in business statistics for the consumer goods industry after earning a masters degree from the London School of Commerce.  Nina works as an event manager in Dubai after earning an MBA from Middlesex University London.

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