Топ 5 историй 2014г., №1: Формирование Объединенного Мира Борьбы после изменения Федерации

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY (December 29) – In 2014, after more than 50 years under the acronym “FILA” and 20 years as the “International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles,” the sport of wrestling selected a new name.

The federation’s new designation, United World Wrestling, was unanimously approved by the federation’s member nations in Tashkent this September during the wrestling body’s annual congress. Along with the name came new logos, colors and website – each geared toward rebranding the sport of wrestling for future growth.

In addition to supporting the re-branding efforts the congress also voted Nenad Lalovic to a six-year term as president. Lalovic, who had led the movement to re-instate wrestling into the Olympic Games, had been the interim president since February 2013. His election helped stabilize the ongoing changes being ushered in by the federation.

Under Lalovic in 2014, United World Wrestling broadened development programs for coaching education, created communications and marketing departments, worked to optimized sport oversight, and the expanded the distribution of events.

In December, Sport Business International named Lalovic one of the top ten innovators in international sport.