World Belt Wrestling Committee

Gintautas Vileita Lithuania President
Vladimir Gristschenkov Belarus Secretary General
Hoosain Narker South Africa Representative of Africa
Omarmukhtar Tamboli India Representative of Asia
Alexander Medved Belarus Representative of Europe
João Shiffer Brazil Representative of Pan-America



Tasks and duties

  • Preservation of various styles of belt wrestling all over the world
  • Consolidation of federations developing the styles of belt wrestling
  • Assurance that the values of sportsmanship are respected in all circumstances.
  • Unification of belt wrestling competition rules suitable to all belt wrestling styles
  • Making of the single system for belt wrestling competitions and having a mutual calendar under the United World Wrestling aegis
  • Supervision of holding international competitions entered in United World Wrestling calendar and see to it that the United World Wrestling regulations and requirements are complied with.
  • Advancement of belt wrestling in the World complex events as United World Wrestling's discipline
  • Information support for national sport communities developing belt wrestling styles
  • Using United World Wrestling's experience and facilit! ies in order to train and improve technical capabilities of belt wrestling referees, coaches and athletes.
  • Setting a criteria for the estimation of sport achievements in the belt wrestling
  • Support of international print editions propagandizing belt wrestling
  • Development of a conception for creating an academy of belt wrestling