Scientific Commission

Scientific Commission Meets in Slovakia

By United World Wrestling Press

TRNAVA, Slovakia (September 18) -- The United World Wrestling Scientific Commission held a meeting this week during the Junior World Championships. Eight members of the commission took part in this important annual meeting and discussed a wide range of topics.

Commission chair Daulet TURLYKHANOV commenced the meeting and welcomed the participants as commission secretary David CURBY helped facilitate the discussion.

Key points discussed included advanced-level coaches further education, potential UWW scientific commission certified wrestling specific sports science programs and coaching courses, collaboration in building wrestling online research database, and the possibility of hosting an integrated wrestling symposium together with other UWW commissions prior to Tokyo Olympic Games.

The meeting concluded on a successful note with all participating members.


Front Row from left: Barna Tibor (HUN), Harold Tünnemann (GER), Lei Liang (CHN), David Curby (USA)Back Row from left: Mario Baić (CRO), Ioannis Barbas (GRE), Daulet Turlykhanov (KAZ), Celal Taskiran TUR), Didier Sauvaire (FRA)